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Fit Bit Friday 150: The Bombshell Bottom Half Workout

Hey guys! Who’s ready for the weekend?! I sure am. It’s been a hard-working kinda week but I’m super excited to chill out and relax for the next couple of days. On my agenda is a baby shower, a nice solo long run tomorrow, a tea date with friends, and chilling out with a large stack of …

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Fit Bit Friday 149: The Free-Styling Workout

Hey guys! How are ya today? I am absolutely thrilled that it’s Friday and the weekend is almost here. On Sunday night I had plans to grill some chicken for dinner, only to realize the barbecue was out of propane. Then on Wednesday, my blowdryer decided to pack it in when my hair was only about 60% …

fit bit friday - Eat Spin Run Repeat

Fit Bit Friday 147: The Summer Arm Sculpting Workout

Hey guys! Can you believe it’s the last Friday in June already? Madness. This weekend I’ll be spending as much time outside as possible, and that includes meeting with a new-to-me group of runners tomorrow. One of our amazing local running stores, Runner’s Choice, recently started an ultrarunning trail group and I figured it would be …

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Guelph Lake Subaru Duathlon Recap + 5 tips for newbies

The fact that there is a post here this morning means I survived my first ever bike race! Yesterday morning was the sprint duathlon that I’ve been talking about for the past couple of months, and I can’t believe how fast the time has flown by since I declared I was going to do one …

fit bit friday - eat spin run repeat

Fit Bit Friday 146: Waterloo 10K Classic recap + a simple plan to help you run faster

Hey friends! How are you today? In addition to my weekly fitness feature, I thought I’d roll last weekend’s Waterloo 10K Classic recap into this post. I’ll be off to Guelph this Sunday to compete in my first duathlon (one of my goals for 2014), but I’ll tell ya more about that on Monday. The 10K was …

fit bit friday jan14

Fit Bit Friday 145: The Dream Team Workout

Hello there! Woah, this has been a crazy week. Work has been pretty nuts lately (in a good way – I feel very productive) but my head is ready for a good rest this weekend. On Sunday I’ve got a 10K to race, which means tomorrow is going to be a lovely recovery day. Aside from …