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ab workout

1 Aug, 2014

Fit Bit Friday 152: The Killer Abs Workout

Happy August, friends! And to my Canadian readers, don't  you love months that start off with long weekends? August is going to be a month full of fabulousness for many reasons but I'll talk more about that on Monday. For now, I've got a wicked workout to tell you about! I'm still feeling it 2 days [...]

30 Mar, 2012

Fit Bit Friday 37

Hey there friends! :) Happy Friday! *Does the Friday dance like a loon.* How's your day going so far? Even though this week hasn't been particularly crazy, it seems to have flown past. Do you have anything fun and exciting happening this weekend? Among other things, I've got some blog cooking planned and I am [...]

20 Jan, 2012

Fit Bit Friday 27

Happy Friday! How are you feeling today? This morning started off a little slow for me - bed was feeling like a much better idea than the gym, especially with the big dump of snow we got yesterday! But after a little mental kick in the butt, I was on dressed and on the treadmill, [...]