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fit bit friday - eat spin run repeat

Fit Bit Friday 134: The Mighty Mile Repeats Workout

Hello hello! Another weekend is upon us, and this one is definitely going to be the highlight of my month. I’ll be heading off to Toronto for a bunch of fun adventures, including birthday celebrations, running, lunching and brunching with some of my besties, and I’m so extremely thankful to be able to see so …

fit bit friday - workouts from eat spin run repeat

Fit Bit Friday 133: The Whole Body Hundred Workout

Hello hello! Happy almost-weekend! I’m certainly ready for it. Do you have any fun plans? This is probably going to sound super nerdy to everyone except my food blogging buddies, but recently I maaayyyy have treated myself to a new camera lens, and ever since its arrival a few days ago, I’ve been totally dying …

fit bit friday - workouts from eat spin run repeat

Fit Bit Friday 129: The Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Workout

Hey guys! Happy Valentine’s Day! Are you celebrating? Personally, I’m currently a lot more into the winter Olympics than Valentine’s Day, and that’s what I’ve been tuning into most mornings this week while at the gym. In fact, I nearly took a tumble off the treadmill while watching the speed skating heats on Monday. Does …

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Fit Bit Friday 125: The Busy Gym BOSU Workout

Hello there! How are you doing this morning? I have to say, it’s been quite a week! After last Friday’s unfortunate crash of my old MacBook and forking over a fair chunk of change for a new one, I’m hoping for a slightly less eventful weekend as far as technology goes. I opted to go …

Fit Bit Friday - 3.26.13

Fit Bit Friday 124: The Rise and Ride Workout

Hello there! Happy Friday, and for all of you in snow-covered areas of the world, did you survive the cold this week!? It got pretty ugly here (felt like -40 degrees on Tuesday with the windchill!) but things are looking better for the weekend. A high of 9 degrees Celsius tomorrow? Let’s break out the …


Fit Bit Friday 123: The Fresh 14 Workout

Hey guys! Welcome to the first Fit Bit Friday of the new year! I hope you enjoyed your mid-week holiday – I know I certainly did! On my agenda this weekend is a fun lunch date, a great gym session (and it WILL be great!), as well as some blog-related work and recipe testing. What …