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Recap: Try Something New Tuesday 191

Hello hello! How’s your week going so far? Thanks so much for sharing some of your goals for this month in Monday’s post. I love having such motivated and inspiring readers! I’ve got a great, super easy new breakfast recipe to share with you today, so let’s get to it, shall we? 1. Recipe of …

How to eat clean consistently - even when you don't want to - Eat Spin Run Repeat

How to eat clean consistently – even when you don’t want to

There are a couple of questions that I get asked a lot about my eating style, including… How do you eat SO many veggies? Do you ever cheat/eat junk/splurge? How do you manage to eat clean so consistently?  My answer to the veggie question is pretty simple – I’ve got a ferocious appetite and if …

Make OneChange - Berry Banana Chia Parfait - Eat Spin Run Repeat

Make #OneChange

Yes, I know it’s Wednesday and today should be a recap of the new things I tried yesterday. However, today’s post is about YOU. Don’t you worry – I’ve still got a recipe of the week to share, but rather than talk about how I changed up my routine yesterday, I want to chat about new …



I know what some of you were thinking yesterday. “It’s almost Valentine’s Day. The blog world is bursting at the seams with decadent, luscious chocolate, and what does Angela give us? A salad recipe! What is wrong with this girl?” I know, I know. That salad (although a very delicious one) is probably not what …


Smoothie Ingredient Q&A

Good morning! How are you doing today? I hope you enjoyed the last day of the long weekend. Lately I’ve been receiving lots of questions about my smoothie ingredients, so I thought today would be a great day to tell you all about them, why I add each one, and where to find them. Starting …