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Fit Bit Friday

7 Oct, 2016

Fit Bit Friday 264: The Bodyweight Cardio Workout

Oh hiiiii Friday, and Happy Thanksgiving long weekend to my fellow Canadian readers! I hope you've got some delicious feasting and giving thanks planned for the next couple of days, and perhaps some fall festivities too. There's a very large amount of squash, Brussels sprouts, beets and carrots sitting in my fridge right now and I [...]

30 Sep, 2016

Fit Bit Friday 263: The No-Equipment Traveler Workout

Happy Friday, friends! This has been one of those all over the place, highs-and-lows sort of weeks. It began with the lowest of the lows: a killer migraine that had me knocked out for literally the entire day on Sunday. Knowing that migraines usually have me out of commission for a solid 24 hours, I [...]

23 Sep, 2016

Fit Bit Friday 262: The 5x5x15 Kettlebell Workout

Happy Friday! First things first: did you know that last weekend was the last weekend of summer? HOW did I miss this? Even though it was mostly rainy here (what else is new?) I still feel like I should have been squeezing every last moment by eating watermelon at the beach with my feet in the [...]

16 Sep, 2016

Fit Bit Friday 261: The 300 Rep Drop It Low Workout

Happy Fridaaaay! If you'd asked me on Sunday, I would have told you I was in for a rough week. For my fellow Apple users, I'm sure you've probably experienced your share of first-world Apple problems, so you might empathize with me when I say that the tech struggle has been REAL recently. I don't know [...]

9 Sep, 2016

Fit Bit Friday 260: The Row For It Workout

Happy Friiiiiiday! And what a lovely Friday it is. Short weeks often mean added craziness, and I don't know about you, but this has certainly been the case over here. Between work, a few social commitments, blog re-design tasks and taking my Macbook back and forth to the Apple Store for some surgery, I'm more than [...]

2 Sep, 2016

Fit Bit Friday 259: The Abs ‘n Arms Combo Workout

Ok, not the most creative workout title, but we'll talk about arms and abs in a second. First I need to tell you about my injury because that's just what runners talk about when they find themselves in the predicament I'm in. So..... On Tuesday I may have been a liiiiiittle too ambitious with my [...]

26 Aug, 2016

Fit Bit Friday 258: The 300 Rep BOSU Challenge Workout

Hey there! How's your week been? It's been a rather nutty one over in these parts (you know you've got a lot on your mind when you step out of the shower and realize you only shaved one leg), but nevertheless one that has made me that much more grateful for all of the great people around [...]

19 Aug, 2016

Fit Bit Friday 257: The Partner Stair Circuit Workout

Hello there! How was your week? It totally doesn't feel like a Friday to me since I was on vacation for Monday and Tuesday, but I'm certainly not complaining. This weekend is going to be a packed one with big progress on some fun blog projects (see my positive thinking there?) as well as my goals for [...]

12 Aug, 2016

Fit Bit Friday 256: The Hill Crusher Workout

Hello there! As you're reading this it's very likely that I'm sitting on cold concrete in a line with hundreds of other crazy people, waiting for the Seawheeze Runner's Shop to open because TODAY is Seawheeze Eve! Plans include race package pickup, hanging out downtown, perhaps a little yoga, a gorgeous lunch with Vega buddies, and [...]

29 Jul, 2016

Fit Bit Friday 254: The Fast Feet Interval Workout

Oh hhhaaayyyyyyyyy Friday! Wanna know something exciting? Or, as my 5 year old self would say to my parents when I was suuuuuper excited about something, 'guess what guess what GUESS WHAT?!" There are now only 15 sleeps until Seawheeze, 17 sleeps until my birthday, and only 12 more sleeps until some of my fa-fa-favourite girls fly [...]

22 Jul, 2016

Fit Bit Friday 253: The Lightning Round Circuit Workout

Before I present you with a lovely little workout that will make you sweat your beeeeeehind off this weekend, can we talk about Pokemon Go for a second? The craze has hit Vancouver and it's making people go cray. Yesterday I was driving home down a pretty quiet road, and there were people walking IN [...]

15 Jul, 2016

Fit Bit Friday 252: The Summer Sprinter Workout

Happy Friday, lovelies! Have you had a great week? Mine started off pretty intense work-wise, so a chilled-out, relaxing weekend is definitely what I'm craving. A few solid workouts, sleep, a long walk, playtime in the kitchen and a DIY mani-pedi are on the cards. Can we just fast forward to 5pm right now? You're welcome. ? [...]

8 Jul, 2016

Fit Bit Friday 251: The Kettlebell Core Workout

Hey guys! How's your week been? I'm so thrilled that the weekend is here, and although it's going to be packed, it's also going to be a super fun one full of adventures. I'll tell you all about what I get up to back here on Monday morning, and in the meantime, let's chat fitness. (Source: [...]

1 Jul, 2016

Fit Bit Friday 250: The Kettlebell Countdown Workout

Happy Canada Day, friends! To my fellow Canadians, as well as all of you in the US celebrating the 4th of July on Monday, I hope your long weekends are off to fabulous starts so far. I am SO excited about the next couple of days because they're going to be full of time spent [...]