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15 May, 2017

May Reader Q+A: Anemia update

Welcome to another Reader Q&A! For those that are new readers, welcome, and you've arrived at a great time. This is the monthly(ish) post where I answer the questions that you guys have been asking recently, and this time around, the theme is iron deficiency. It's a topic I haven't gone into detail about for a while and [...]

11 Nov, 2016

Fitness Friday 269: The Sweat for 6 Circuit Workout

FriiiiiiiiiiiiiiYAY! It's a long weekend here in BC, and I'm feeling especially grateful for it today. It's been quite the week, hasn't it? As I'm sure is the case for most of us, it feels like everything in social media feeds over the past couple of days has been political in nature. I'm very much [...]

19 Sep, 2016

Things I know for sure at 28: Finding happiness

This is the third post in what has turned out to be a mini-series of lessons I've learned - particularly over the past year. You can find part 1 and part 2 here, and I've decided there's going to be a 4th because while writing this, I realized there was more to say than I thought. [...]

23 Mar, 2016

Rainbow Celebration Salad

Oh HI! I have salad to share with you today, but we'll get to that in a second. Have you ever experienced a moment where you've felt completely, ridiculously, unbelievably grateful and happy for everything about your life? To the point where you practically wake up with a smile on your face and, just like a [...]

12 Oct, 2015

8 Inspiring TED Talks on Gratitude

Before moving to Vancouver, I lived in Waterloo for almost 10 years. For those that don't know, Waterloo is a medium-sized city about an hour west of Toronto. It's a fairly wealthy, tech-driven place with plenty of parks, green spaces, and character. It's home to two universities, a college, lots of families, and generally, Waterloo [...]

9 Mar, 2015

February Goal Check-In and 3 for March 2015

Hey lovelies! How was your weekend? Any signs of spring where you are? I don't see many here, but my friends out in Vancouver tell me it's sunny, warm, and that flowers are blooming so you can bet that I'm counting down the days until my arrival. This weekend I had a little brunch + [...]

29 Dec, 2014

2015: A Fresh Start

It's the last week of the year, and in my house, that means scissors, glue, magazines, bristol board, Post-Its and Sharpies. Yes friends, it's vision boarding time! If you've been following along for at least a year, you may already know that creating a vision board - or a big collage of inspirational images and [...]

26 Nov, 2014

Roasted Root Salad with Maple-Orange Balsamic Glaze

Sundays are usually rest days in my house, typically consisting of blogging, reading magazines, socializing with friends and a little bit of cooking for the blog. This Sunday however, was not so restful. I drove 3 SUV-loads of stuff between my current condo and the new one, brought it all up the elevator and carried it [...]

15 Aug, 2014

26 lessons learned in 26 years {GIVEAWAY}

Isn't it weird how as  you get older, birthdays seem to arrive faster? Actually, it's not just birthdays. We dive into work on Monday and come up for air on Friday, weekends fly past and just when you start to feel like it's finally summer, you look at the calendar and go "oh CRAP, it's [...]

12 Apr, 2013

Eat Spin Run Repeat Turns 3! {GIVEAWAY}

Three years. Three freaking years. 1,015 posts and I don't even want to think about how many hours spent in front of my laptop ago, Eat Spin Run Repeat was born. Just like I said when we turned 2, I had no idea back then that in 2013 I'd still be blogging. It started as [...]

5 Nov, 2012

October 2012 Goal Check In and 5 for November

Hey there! How are ya? I got back from South Carolina safe and sound (albeit very late and sleepy) on Friday night, and I have to say, people in the south are SO friendly!! I don't think I met a single person there the entire time that didn't make me smile - although maybe that [...]

27 Aug, 2012

The Last Sips of Summer

I know that the last day of summer isn't technically until mid September, but with kids going back to school, university students coming back to town, and magazines publishing articles about this year's fall fashions, it certainly feels like the seasons, among other things, are changing. I love everything about summer, and each year I'm [...]

28 Feb, 2012

My 10 commandments

Recently I stumbled across Gretchen Rubin's blog. In case the name doesn't ring a bell, Gretchen is the author of The Happiness Project, a book that I haven't yet read but am becoming increasingly eager to. While the book is about her 1-year quest for finding true happiness, the Happiness Project Blog chronicles her daily [...]