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12 Dec, 2016

December Reader Q&A: Time management and tips for new bloggers

It's time for another Q&A post, and you guys have had some great questions for me lately. This December edition is all about blogging, time management, and advice for new bloggers, so let's get straight into it. You’ve been blogging for over 6 years now and I've been following you since the beginning! How do [...]

29 Sep, 2014

September 2014 Goal Check-In and 3 for October

Hey there! How was your weekend? Mine was really lovely and included a road trip with my university besties to see one of our close friends get married. The ceremony was beautiful, the reception was fabulous right down to the little details, and it was so much fun catching up with all the people I [...]

4 Jan, 2013

Fit Bit Friday 74

Good morning all! How are you today? Anyone else loving this short week? I certainly am! 3-day work weeks are where it's at as far as I'm concerned! :P Having said that, even though the holidays were fantastic, I'm always happy to get back to my routines. My workouts have felt amazing over the past [...]

14 Jun, 2012

“The best” diet… and an exciting announcement!

Not too long ago, I received a rather lengthy message from a reader, full of questions about nutrition. One of these was "what do you think the best way to eat is?" When she asked this, I hope she wasn't looking for an answer along the lines of "5 small meals a day", "don't eat [...]

5 Jun, 2012

5 Goals for June 2012

Hey there! I can't believe I'm already writing my goals post for June. We are officially half way through the year, folks. AHH! Where is the time going? When I look back on my 2012 vision board, I'm moving pretty swiftly through a lot of my goals for the year. However, there are still some [...]

1 Mar, 2012

5 Goals for March

Goooooood morning! How are you today? As my regular readers know, my monthly goal check-in posts are always followed by another 5 monthly goals. If you missed the February check-in, have a quick read, then come back because we've got a brand spankin' new month ahead to achieve great things!! Here's what I've got on [...]

27 Feb, 2012

February 2012 Goal Check-In

It's that time again! Well, almost that time. I know we still have a few days left in February, but today seemed as good as any for a look back at the progress I've made on goals I set for this month. Shall we? February seemed to be a pretty busy time for me as [...]

2 Feb, 2012

5 Goals for February

Well hello there! How is your morning going so far? I hope it's off to a fantastic start. Mine began early as usual with a run and a tough leg/butt workout that I'm very confident I'll be feeling tomorrow! Is it just me, or is it just impossible to get good at walking lunges? I [...]