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Embarking on a crazy new challenge

This post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of The North Face Endurance Challenge. It’s no secret: I have an enormous passion for goal setting. A vision boarding nerd, a Pinterest quote junkie, and a bucket list maker, I love the feeling of accomplishing a big goal and just as much as the thrill of …

March 2014 goal check-in

March 2014 Goal Check-In and 3 for April

Hello friends! How was your weekend? Are you feeling nice and re-charged? Last week I vowed to make Sunday a day of rest, and that’s totally what mine was – reading magazines, playing with a few recipes, and a tea date with a friend. I even ‘slept in’, which means I stayed in bed until …

February 2014 Goal Check-In and 3 for March

February 2014 Goal Check-In and 3 for March

Holy smokes. It’s the end of February already! My goal check-ins normally happen the first Monday of each new month, but I’ve got something quite exciting to share next week so this one is coming at ya a little early. As I said a couple of weeks ago, I’ve decided to focus on 3 goals …

3 Goals for February 2014

3 Goals for February 2014

Yes, 3, not 5. For the past 2 years I’ve set 5 mini goals per month. But for 2014 I decided to drop to 3 in order to focus more attention on each one. Before we get on to that, there are some fun happenings to tell you about! It’s been a long time since …

How to eat clean consistently - even when you don't want to - Eat Spin Run Repeat

How to eat clean consistently – even when you don’t want to

There are a couple of questions that I get asked a lot about my eating style, including… How do you eat SO many veggies? Do you ever cheat/eat junk/splurge? How do you manage to eat clean so consistently?  My answer to the veggie question is pretty simple – I’ve got a ferocious appetite and if …

7 ways to keep your fitness commitment this winter

7 ways to maintain your fitness motivation this winter

Living abroad in my teens made me very aware of the large number of stereotypes that exist about us Canadians. Everything from jeans and plaid shirts being our national uniform (kinda true depending on what province you’re in), to beavers being common household pets (false – at least not for any Canadians that I know). …