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Peggy K

16 Dec, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide for the Fit Foodie 2013

While I take great pride in getting the majority of the Christmas shopping done for those on my own list before December, I know that sometimes that can be tough to do. You think you've got all the time in the world to browse the shops, pick out gifts, wrap them, or order them online, [...]

9 Dec, 2013

Kitchen Cures – an Interview with Peggy K

Have I ever got a treat for you today! In October, I had the pleasure of attending the Vega Thrive Kitchen launch event in Toronto. The evening was full of delicious plant-based food, fabulous people, and chatting about Thrive Kitchen, Vega's latest addition to the Thrive Forward free online program. I also got to meet the lovely Peggy [...]

29 Mar, 2012

March Goal Check-In

Oh, hey  there March - leaving so soon? I feel like you just got here! As usual, another month has come and almost gone. In comparison to others, mine was nice and relaxed in some areas and super busy in others. Overall, a lot of really great progress towards my monthly goals was made, so [...]

26 Mar, 2012

A sad state of affairs

.... was the situation in my kitchen last week. The cause? This: That's the apparatus that makes up the jug portion of my blender. Can you see anything wrong? No, not that the base is missing - it's just fine. Something else. Look closer. Yes friends, it's a crack. Actually, several cracks. Cracks in the [...]

1 Mar, 2012

5 Goals for March

Goooooood morning! How are you today? As my regular readers know, my monthly goal check-in posts are always followed by another 5 monthly goals. If you missed the February check-in, have a quick read, then come back because we've got a brand spankin' new month ahead to achieve great things!! Here's what I've got on [...]