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24 Aug, 2016

Baby Heirloom Tomato, Cucumber and Quinoa Salad

Yesterday morning I set out on what should have been a lovely sunrise run along the sea wall. The beach was on my left side, the park was on my right, and a few fellow early morning enthusiasts shared the path with me. About 15 minutes in, I was just getting into my meditative running groove when [...]

4 Nov, 2015

Twice-Baked Stuffed Butternut Squash

This past weekend it rained - like, a lot. I had a bunch of ingredients ready in the fridge for recipe creation, but even with floor-to-ceiling windows in my condo, no amount of white foam board reflectors and Lightroom post-processing was going to create a decent setting for food photography. Luckily, there's been a really great recipe waiting in [...]

7 Oct, 2015

Southwestern Stuffed Peppers

Over the weekend, I made the decision to put away my portable air conditioner for the fall and winter. Earlier this summer, I caved and decided I absolutely NEEEEEEEDED an air conditioning unit because I was waking up in the middle of the night, sweating like I'd just run a marathon. The kind I bought is [...]

16 Sep, 2015

Tuna and Quinoa Tabbouleh

Happy humpday! Today’s actually more like a Thursday for me because tomorrow I’ll be jet setting alllll the way over to Calgary. 1 hour flight = totally not jet setting, but let’s pretend. It’s been over 5 years since I last visited my home province of Alberta, and about 10 since my last trip to [...]

10 Jun, 2015

Summertime Quinoa and Greens Salad

There's way more to this week's recipe than just quinoa and greens, but I'll tell you all about it in just a second. First, picture yourself melting into a warm cushioned lounge chair in the most beautiful, spa-like backyard you've ever seen. The sun is soaking into your skin, but there's just the right amount of breeze [...]

4 Sep, 2013

Recap: Try Something New Tuesday 172

Hey there! How's your day going so far? I'm super excited for 5:30 to come tonight because I've got a date with one of my besties at David's Tea and they've recently launched their fall collection. If you're a tea-a-holic like me, I'm sure you're just as thrilled to see Pumpkin Chai back in the lineup! Although [...]

8 May, 2013

Recap: Try Something New Tuesday 156

Good morning all! Is your day off to a great start? Mine certainly is! Since I'm taking May off of race training, I've been thoroughly enjoying my 'fun', no-pressure workouts this week which have included TurboFire, cycling, and spending a lot more time with weights than I have done over the past 8 weeks! I've [...]

29 Oct, 2012

When a foodie comes to visit

Hey there friends! How are you today? I hope your Monday has been treating you nicely so far. As I mentioned on Friday, this past weekend was one I've been looking forward to for weeks. Some of you may already know Leanne from Healthful Pursuit, and she's been over here on Eat Spin Run Repeat [...]

16 Apr, 2012

How to Stuff an Artichoke 101

Let's talk stuffing. Not the kind that goes in a turkey, or the one you make at Thanksgiving. I'm really not into that kind - I like my turkey on its own, preferably with a side of oven roasted Brussels sprouts drizzled in maple balsamic. I've never stuffed a turkey, but I've been really into [...]

26 Oct, 2011

Recap: Try Something New Tuesday 80

Gooooooood Morning! How are you today? I hope your morning has been wonderful so far. Mine certainly has - a run, some weights, and a spin class with my fabulous hard-working ladies. I missed spin last week while I was away, but am happy to be back on the bike! Over to my new things [...]

4 Jul, 2011

Long weekend lounging

Hey there friends! How was your long weekend? If you're a US reader you've probably got today off, and I'm uber jealous! It always seems a little harder for me to get up for work after a long weekend, but I have to say that this one was very well-spent. Great weather, friends, Canada Day [...]

22 Jun, 2011

Recap: Try Something New Tuesday 62

Good morning!! :) How"s your Wednesday treating you so far? Mine"s been grand - it began with an awesome cardio session (to be posted tomorrow!), some weights, and I"m currently bopping along to this tune from Glee whilst enjoying a little brekkie. A good start, don"t you think? Now over to the real [...]

14 Jun, 2011

Thrive in 30 Learnings – Part 1

Hey there friends! How are you doing today? I"m feeling much more refreshed than I did at this time yesterday morning now that I"ve got a few more hours of solid sleep behind me. Call me a big baby, but I haven"t a clue how some people survive on so little sleep. Yesterday at work [...]

30 May, 2011

The Good and the Bad

This weekend consisted of some good and bad events. I'll start with the big bad one, because I always prefer to end things on a good note. If you were a-Tweeting on Saturday night, you may have noticed this: Yep, it happened. (Insert four letter expressions of frustration here.) This weekend my friend and I [...]