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21 Mar, 2018

Miso Ginger Cod Power Bowls

It occurred to me last week that for someone who absolutely adores seafood, it's been a ridiculously long time since I last posted a seafood recipe. What the heck is up with that? Time for a change, I say! There's Miso Ginger Cod Power Bowls to be enjoyed (you're going to love them, I promise), [...]

2 Mar, 2016

The Ultimate Spicy Tofu Sushi Bowl

My sister Christine has long been a consumer and constructive critic of my cooking. When we were kids, we'd walk home from school together and I'd be in charge of our after school meal. A lot of our friends had babysitters and nannies, but I guess my mum and dad both trusted us enough to [...]

25 Sep, 2013

Recap: Try Something New Tuesday 175

Hello there! How are you doing today? I don't know about you, but I'm glad I dug out my fall clothes this weekend because it is getting VERY chilly outside!! My wardrobe is now significantly less colourful which makes me sad, but I'm the type that can't stand being cold so I'm happy to have a [...]

29 May, 2013

Vegan Big Fat Nori Wraps

Hey lovelies! How are you today? Let's cut straight to the chase with our recipe of the week because it NEEDS to be shared right.this.second. It was lunch on the weekend and as I was going through the photos, I got more and more excited by the second to tell you about it. Here goes. [...]

17 Oct, 2012

Recap: Try Something New Tuesday 128

Well hello there! How are you doing this morning? I hope you're having a lovely week. For me, work has been busy, workouts have been sweaty and gritty, and I've been sleeping like a rock, so on the whole I'd say it's been a good one so far! Today I'm looking forward to teaching my [...]