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Spotlight on Spring Produce

20 May, 2011

Spotlight on Spring Produce: Cucumbers

Goooood morning all! Happy Friday! I'm so glad the long weekend is finally here. What have you got planned? This has been one crazy busy week at work and my brain is feeling pretty fried right about now, but it's nothing a ginormous green smoothie and a drowning strawberry can't fix. Last night at dinner, [...]

17 May, 2011

Spotlight on Spring Produce: Fiddleheads!

Good morning all! How are ya today? First of all, I loved reading all of your comments on yesterday's post. Some of you have some absolutely delicious sounding potluck dishes! Maybe I should host one and invite you to attend? ;) This morning's post is about a rather strange produce item that I've been checking [...]

6 May, 2011

Spotlight on Spring Produce: Rhubarb!

Happy Friday Bloggies!! I hope your Cinco de Mayo celebrations went well yesterday if you were partying it up! Thanks for all of your great comments on yesterday's post. You guys taught me tons more about the holiday so I'm certainly not feeling uninformed anymore! Today's Spotlight on Spring Produce feature is about one of [...]

1 Apr, 2011

Spotlight on Spring Produce: Leeks

Happy Friday Bloggies! Only a few more hours till the weekend kicks off - woop woop! What are your plans? I'm looking forward to a lunch date with one of my besties (restaurant review coming on Monday!), heading out for drinks with another bestie, and of course, some extra rest this weekend. I feel like [...]