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Thrive Juice Bar

17 Feb, 2014

Eating for Energy to Thrive

Hey there! Happy long weekend to those of you who are celebrating either Family Day (in Canada) or President's Day (in the US) today! This one felt much-needed for me and I've intentionally kept it very low key - lunch dates, great workouts, cooking for the blog, and a couple of glorious naps. Last week [...]

15 Aug, 2011

Twenty Three

This weekend I celebrated my 23rd birthday with some of my favourite people at one of my favourite places. Since Thrive Juice Bar is at the top of my list of best restaurants in the region (as you probably gathered when I wrote about them here, here, here, here, here, and here - umm, ok, [...]

7 Jun, 2011

Behind the Juice Bar

Good morning all! How are you doing today? Thank you so much for all of your comments on yesterday's post about the Thrive in 30 program. I loved reading about the books and people that have influenced your eating styles. In addition to having the opportunity to meet Brendan Brazier, I also recently sat down [...]

14 Mar, 2011

Blogger Meet-Up at Thrive Juice Bar

Morning Friends! How was your weekend? I hope you had a good one. Mine was lovely because I had the pleasure of enjoying an amazing meal with some of my lovely blogger buddies. Rather than driving to Toronto this time, I managed to convince them to make the trip to Waterloo so that I could [...]

30 Dec, 2010

Thrive Juice Bar and My Top 5 Meals of 2010

I think I found a new favourite restaurant in Waterloo. Its name is Thrive Juice Bar and it is amazing in every way. I came across this little gem a couple of months ago while desperately googling local vegetarian and vegan-friendly restaurants. It's been on my mind ever since and yesterday I met up there [...]