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Tosca Reno

19 Aug, 2013

Can Fit Pro Toronto 2013 Conference Recap… and a new goal

Holy freaking moly. What a weekend! First of all, thank you all so, so much for the lovely birthday wishes and your comments on Friday's post about life lessons. I loved reading them all! You still have time to enter my CamelBak Arc 2 giveaway, so get those entries in by Tuesday at midnight EST! If [...]

10 Jun, 2013

My Favourite Healthy Cookbooks {Giveaway}

Had I decided not to call this blog Eat Spin Run Repeat, there are a number of other names that would have been equally as fitting: Running on Carrots (because I eat more carrots than anyone else you know - trust me, even more than your most carrot-loving friend) 365 Days of Salads (because I [...]

20 Aug, 2012

Can Fit Pro 2012

Good morning friends! How was your weekend? Are you all refreshed and energized, ready to start a new week? I have to admit, I"m not exactly feeling well rested or energized because my weekend was super packed, but it was all tons of fun. I spent it at the Can Fit Pro fitness conference in [...]

15 Dec, 2011

Who are your fitness influences?

Earlier this week I came across a great article on called The 100 Most Influential People in Health and Fitness 2011. On the list are many names you're probably very familiar with - Jillian Michaels, Bob Harper, Jamie Oliver, Tony Horton, Jackie Warner, Michael Pollan, Deepak Chopra, Rachel Ray, Michelle Obama, Bob Greene, etc. [...]