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27 Jan, 2017

Fitness Friday 279: The Final Stretch Sprint Workout

Friends! Happy Friday, and how the heck has your week been? Are you excited for the weekend? I most certainly am, and this should be a particularly good one. Tomorrow I'm attending a mindful goal setting workshop (more about that soon), and on Sunday I'll be checking out the new Equinox that opened up a [...]

20 May, 2016

Fit Bit Friday 244: The Hold Nothing Back Run Workout

Oh hey there, long weekend! I am more than ready for an extra day off over here because it as been quite the week! Having attended CHFA West last weekend and doing lots of social things, I'm very much looking forward to a slower, more relaxed long weekend. I'll be experimenting with a couple of [...]

15 Apr, 2016

Fit Bit Friday 239: The Pace Pusher Interval Workout

Hellooooooo Friday! The weekend is so, so close and I have a feeling it's gonna be a sweet one. So far my agenda consists of a lunch date, a long run along the sea wall, another fitness studio to try with one of my work besties, and potentially a hike (fingers crossed!) Now all we need to [...]

27 Feb, 2015

Fit Bit Friday 181: The Need for Speed Workout

Hello from Las Vegas! You GUYS. The training is ahhhhhmazing here! I arrived late on Wednesday night, and after putting my bike back together on Thursday morning (a big learning experience!) my coach and I headed out for a ride. The workout consisted of a 2 hour cycle (about 30.7 miles) at Lake Mead National Park, followed [...]

21 Mar, 2014

Fit Bit Friday 134: The Mighty Mile Repeats Workout

Hello hello! Another weekend is upon us, and this one is definitely going to be the highlight of my month. I'll be heading off to Toronto for a bunch of fun adventures, including birthday celebrations, running, lunching and brunching with some of my besties, and I'm so extremely thankful to be able to see so [...]

14 Feb, 2014

Fit Bit Friday 129: The Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Workout

Hey guys! Happy Valentine's Day! Are you celebrating? Personally, I'm currently a lot more into the winter Olympics than Valentine's Day, and that's what I've been tuning into most mornings this week while at the gym. In fact, I nearly took a tumble off the treadmill while watching the speed skating heats on Monday. Does [...]

9 Sep, 2013

Treadmill running for short attention spans

After Friday's Treadmill Boredom Buster Workout, I figured it would be appropriate to follow up with a post about other ways to keep yourself amused when running outside isn't an option. Of course, there are the obvious ones like switching up your workout daily, trying new machines on your gym's cardio deck, and listening to music (all [...]