; 9 ways to beat boredom on the treadmill | Eat, Spin, Run, Repeat - Part 2
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9 ways to beat boredom on the treadmill - Eat-Spin-Run-Repeat.com

Treadmill running for short attention spans

After Friday’s Treadmill Boredom Buster Workout, I figured it would be appropriate to follow up with a post about other ways to keep yourself amused when running outside isn’t an option. Of course, there are the obvious ones like switching up your workout daily, trying new machines on your gym’s cardio deck, and listening to music (all …

Fit Bit Friday - 8.3.13 - 2

Fit Bit Friday 107: The September Treadmill Boredom Buster Workout

Happy Friday! Weekend already? Yes please! Do you have any fun plans? Among other things, I’m headed to Toronto tomorrow for the Vegetarian Food Festival and I’m super excited about it. But before that, I’ll be hitting up the gym for a run and some lifting action. (Adherence to my new strength training goal for …

Fit Bit Friday Workouts - Eat Spin Run Repeat

Fit Bit Friday 97

Hey there! How are you doing this morning? I’m super excited for the weekend to start because I’m going to be spending it with a lovely group of ladies, including one of my former roommates and besties. She’s getting married next month and her bachelorette party tomorrow will involve a mobile spa, plenty of snacks, …

Fit Bit Friday - Eat Spin Run Repeat

Fit Bit Friday 87

Happy Friday lovelies! I hope you’ve had an absolutely wonderful week! Anything fun planned for this weekend? I’m super pumped because one of my old roommates and besties is coming to stay with me tonight. She’s getting married in July so we’ve got wedding stuff to chit chat about tonight, plus going out for dinner …

Fit Bit Friday - Eat Spin Run Repeat

Fit Bit Friday 80

Hello there! Happy almost-weekend to you! Any big plans on your agenda? Before I get into today’s workout, I’ve got some  news to announce! Last weekend I signed up for not one, but TWO half marathons! One is on May 5th (The Toronto Goodlife Half Marathon) and the other is in Vancouver on August 10th. …


Fit Bit Friday 73

Hello! I just have to start by saying that I LOVE the holidays. This week so far has been full of all kinds of fabulous things – friends, family, good food, gingerbread house making, sleeping, sisterly bonding (also known as acting like complete lunatics), and otherwise just having a really great, relaxing time. Last night, …