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28 Dec, 2012

Fit Bit Friday 73

Hello! I just have to start by saying that I LOVE the holidays. This week so far has been full of all kinds of fabulous things - friends, family, good food, gingerbread house making, sleeping, sisterly bonding (also known as acting like complete lunatics), and otherwise just having a really great, relaxing time. Last night, [...]

21 Dec, 2012

Fit Bit Friday 72

Hello! Happy almost-holidays!!! Today is my last day of work before our office officially shuts down for Christmas and I couldn't be more excited My sister arrives from the UK tonight and is staying at my mum's, so I'm really looking forward to seeing them this weekend. Do you have plans to travel this Christmas? [...]

5 Oct, 2012

Fit Bit Friday 61

Hey there! How are you today? I don't know about you, but I've been ready for this weekend since Tuesday!! R&R is on my agenda, as well as Thanksgiving dinner with my mum and some farmer's market action if the weather isn't too chilly. I'm hoping to find another enormous butternut squash so I can [...]

6 Apr, 2012

Fit Bit Friday 38

Happy Good Friday to you!! :) I hope you had a nice long, extended stay in your bed this morning! I certainly did - well, if you call 7:30am sleeping in. My body just can't seem to do much longer than that! The Weather Network tells me we should be seeing a bit of sunshine [...]

9 Mar, 2012

Fit Bit Friday 34

Good morning bloggies! Happy Friday to you! Based on your feedback, it sounds like you guys enjoyed yesterday"s post and printable of my Pantry Staples, and you made me realize that it would be VERY hard to limit myself to just 3 food items I can"t live without. Good thing we have so many amazing, [...]

24 Feb, 2012

Fit Bit Friday 32

Good morning lovelies!! How are you today?! That extra exclamation mark was put there purposely because I'm excited to get this weekend going! I've got a fun lunch date planned and a fabulous Flexi-Bar/X-Co class to attend tomorrow, so 5pm tonight can't come soon enough! Without further delay, here's your weekly Fit Bit Friday! [...]