Hey there friends!

How are ya today? I hope your morning is going well so far. Yesterday was a busy one but it got off to a very stylish start… more about that in just a second! First, let’s kick off this Try Something New Tuesday recap with my Recipe of the Week.

1. Recipe of the Week: Remember last week when I told you I had a killer tofu recipe coming up? Well wait no longer, dear bloggies, because this is it!

The seed for this Sesame Orange Crusted Tofu was planted in my mind a couple of weeks ago when I was re-filling some of my spice jars in the kitchen. I’ve had 2 jars of sesame seeds (one black, one white) sitting around for a while and I was determined to put them to a good use. Since I’m focusing on reducing my grocery spending this month, I picked tofu as my inexpensive protein of choice and the rest is history.

This recipe was even better than I thought it would be. The longer you can marinade the tofu, the more intense and delicious the flavour will be. The sesame seeds provide an amazing crunchy texture that contrasts with the softness of the tofu, and they’re quite photogenic, don’t you think? Is that not the sexiest looking tofu you’ve ever seen?

2. A new workout ensemble. Remember on Monday when I said I’d been to up to no good at Lululemon? It all began with a top. One of my secret Santas gave me a gift card at Christmas time and it’s been burning a hole in my wallet ever since. I spotted the Practice Freely tank in Lulu’s This Just In email a little while ago, and well, it was love at first sight.


Yep it’s pink. Hawwwwwt pink – or Paris Pink if we’re going by Lululemon’s colour description. At first I was skeptical about the loose fitting torso section because I have a tendency to look uber pregnant in this sort of fit, so I knew I couldn’t order it online. When I went to try it on this weekend, I got a bit distracted. Not only did it fit perfectly, but I might have also found some matching Run:Speed shorts to go with it. This morning’s running gear looked like this:

So how did the top do during my run? Surprisingly very well! According to Lululemon, it was designed for yoga and has a low level of support relative to other tops. However, if you’re like me and are not very well-endowed when it comes to your upper half, I’m pretty sure you’d have no problems running in this one. It’s got a shelf bra with removable cups, and the material is super soft. The fabric is also much thinner than other tops (like the Cool Racerback or Push Ur Limits tanks) so I figure it’d be great for hot yoga too. As for the Run:Speed shorts, this is my 5th pair (but the first with camouflage print!) and I have no complaints. Anyone want to go for a run? πŸ˜‰

3. Granadilla. Perhaps not as exotic looking as last week’s mangosteen, I have another strange piece of fruit to show you today:

This is a granadilla, also known as passionfruit, but somewhat different looking to ones you’ve seen in the past like this:


My granadilla is a slight variation of the one above, and comes from South America. They can also be grown in Africa and Australia, and are usually 5-7cm in diameter. It’s shell is kind of hard (but nowhere near as hard as the mangosteen that I almost lost a finger trying to chop open) but the inside of it is soft, which helps to protect the black seeds inside. Each seed is trapped inside a little jelly-filled pod, a bit like the kiwano I tried many Tuesdays ago. The jelly contains vitamins A, C, and K, phosphorus, iron, and calcium. It also packs in lots of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants, and each whole fruit contains only about 100 calories.

Next I scooped out the seeds, which came away from the walls of the inside of the fruit really easily.

I then proceeded to take about 50 squillion photos of the inside of the granadilla because i thought it looked so cool, but I’ll only make you look at two.

When doing my research about this new thing, I came across a lot of recipes for granadilla jelly cakes and dressings.Β  There wasn’t a whole lot of talk about just eating the fruit on its own, so I decided to use the edible inside bits to flavour my Greek yogurt. As I stirred it in, the little pods burst open and the clear juices were released into the yogurt. The taste wasn’t overpowering at all – it was actually quite subtle, slightly tart, and the seeds added a little bit of a crunch.

Unlike the mangosteen, I would buy another one of these for sure!

Alright, that was all the excitement for this week’s Try Something New Tuesday! Now I want to know…

  • Have you tried a granadilla or passion fruit before? What did you think?
  • Are you the type that can easily buy clothes online without having to send them back for a different size? It’s very rare that I can, but I know my size in my tried-and-tested Lululemon garments so those are a pretty safe bet.