Hey hey!

How are ya? I hope your day is going well so far. In case you missed earlier posts this week, you’ve still got time to enter my Skechers GOrun giveaway. It closes at midnight ET on Thursday night, so get your entries in soon!

As I mentioned last week, I’m shortening up Try Something New Tuesday posts a bit to 2 new things – one recipe and one new find  – because some of the older posts were super long. I’m excited to tell you about this week’s newness, so let’s go!

1. Recipe of the Week: Remember yesterday when I mentioned that eggs are one of my favourite simple things? Well this week’s recipe was one of my favourite simple breakfasts this weekend, and eggs were the star. There’s a reason why there aren’t too many breakfast recipes on this blog, and it’s because I’m usually far too hungry to take photos of anything before it magically disappears in my mouth. However, this occasion was an exception. I love the look of bright yellow egg yolks, so I exercised my greatest self control as I snapped a few photos of these ones. On the menu today: Baked Breakfast Tomatoes!

I chose to stuff my tomatoes with a mixture of spinach and onion, which you don’t even have to cook separately because their flavours get all gorgeous as they bake inside the tomatoes with fresh herbs. Of course, you could choose other fillings if you prefer. Bell peppers, diced zucchini, and other greens would make tasty choices too!

To eat these babies, it’s a knife-and-fork job. I can’t find a nice tidy way to do it, so just stab right into the middle and let the egg juices run out. Come to think of it, it might be a good idea to serve the tomatoes over toast so that you can sop up all of the delicious juices. Don’t waste a morsel!

2. Lemondrop melon. I can’t wait to tell you about this one! While shopping at Whole Foods recently, I managed to find a new-to-me melon. This is a pretty big deal because after 113 previous Try Something New Tuesdays, there aren’t many melons available here that I haven’t tried. I nearly walked straight past it because on the outside, it looks just like your average cantaloupe.

The sticker on it claimed that it had a “sweet melon flavour with a lemon twist.” Naturally I was curious and had to see if the fruit actually lived up to this claim. Into the basket it went. When I cracked my lemondrop melon open, I was surprised to find something that resembled a honeydew. A right trickster this melon was!

Wondering if the first bite would taste like a honeydew that was a little off, I first tried the fruit on its own with no other competing flavours.

The verdict? Amazing!!! Although the texture was just like that of a honeydew, there was a very distinct lemon overtone that made it noticeably different. After a bit of Googling, I still can’t seem to pin down an authoritative source on lemondrop melons or how they’re made, but I imagine some sort of cross breeding with a lemon might be involved. Whatever they’ve done, whoever invented this was a genius. I’m not sure if mine was an abnormally good one with perfect ripeness, but this thing was so deliciously juicy, I couldn’t stop at just one bowl. So I incorporated it into lunch too.

A salad. Are you surprised? Don’t answer that. I eat an average of 2 large salads each day, and lately most of them over the past few months have included fruit in some capacity. In this mix:

  • sliced radish
  • spiralized cucumber
  • sliced lemondrop melon
  • mesclun mix
  • a few mint leaves

There was absolutely no need for dressing here, because the lemony sweet juices from the melon were enough to moisten the other ingredients. I was alone when I ate this salad, but I felt a strong urge to run and shout from the rooftops that I’d just found my new favourite fruit (tied of course with watermelon and my other 20 or so favourite fruits).

Friends, if you can track down one of these melons I highly recommend paying whatever crazy amount they’re priced at just so you can see what I’m talking about. Come to think of it, I don’t even know what I paid for mine, but that’s not the point. The point is, get one! 🙂

Ok, now tell me:

  • Did you try anything new this Tuesday?
  • Do you like adding fruit to your salads, or are you more of a veggies-only person?