Hey there lovelies!

How are you today? Wow, Wednesday already?! Gotta love these short weeks! I’m steadily moving through my turkey leftovers from the weekend and boredom is nowhere in sight! Turkey omelettes, soups, sandwiches, wraps… you name it, it’s been going down in my kitchen! Maybe I’ll need to roast another for American Thanksgiving too? Hehe just kidding…. kind of. 😉

Ok, over to new things. First up, it’s recipe time!

1. Recipe of the Week: I know the blogosphere is blowing up with pumpkin, squash, apples and all sorts of other fall-y things right now, but I figured I’d feature a lighter recipe this week, just in case the palms of your hands are already orange like mine. Oh, but speaking of orange, you’ll need one to make this dish.

Squeezing an orange wedge

One of my go-to pairings when it comes to seafood is citrus fruits. I love how it works with stronger flavours like salmon, as well as even the most delicate and subtle-tasting things like scallops. Versatility at its finest! One afternoon while trying to decide what to make for dinner that night, I decided to start throwing a few ingredients, including orange juice, together as a marinade. Most of my make-it-up-on-the-go creations tend to take on either an Italian, Indian, or Asian flare, and on this occasion, it was the Asian influence I was feeling. Maybe it was because I’d been eating seaweed snacks that day? I really don’t know.

Citrus Soy Scallops with Cumin Scented Rice from Eat Spin Run Repeat

Anyways, back to the scallops. If  you’ve never cooked them yourself before, know that they don’t require much time at all. Overcooking them can make them rubbery and chewy like calamari, but that’s not the texture we’re going for here. I’ve used the small kind in this recipe, and they only needed about 4-5 minutes in a hot skillet.

Citrus Soy Scallops with Cumin-Scented Rice from Eat Spin Run Repeat

When combined with the lovely no-blender-required sauce that I whipped up (which has far less sodium than many store-bought equivalents), the result is Citrus Soy Scallops with Cumin Scented Rice.

Citrus Soy Scallops with Cumin-Scented Rice from Eat Spin Run Repeat

Is the rice a must-have? No, it’s not, but rice does provide a very nice sponge to soak up the flavour-packed sauce. Trust me, you won’t want to leave any behind. 😉

Citrus Soy Scallops with Cumin-Scented Rice from Eat Spin Run Repeat

2. Purple rice & black sesame exotic rice toast. One of my favourite spots to visit for inspiration on Tuesdays is The Healthy Haven, which houses The Healthy Butcher, David’s Gourmet, Fiddleheads, and Kara’s Smart Foods. Each trip seems to end in me walking out with at least 2 or 3 new things to try, and since Whole Foods hasn’t yet opened any locations in the Kitchener Waterloo region, this is the next best thing. One of my most recent finds was purple rice and black sesame exotic rice toast, made by Edward & Sons.

Edward & Sons Exotic Rice Toasts

Edward & Sons Exotic Rice Toasts - Purple rice and black sesame

Even though I don’t require a completely gluten-free diet, I do enjoy several gluten-free foods and rice crackers have always been a staple snack in my emergency stash at work. Some brands, mostly those that make flavoured rice crackers, tend to use some not-so-clean ingredients in their products. I always keep this in mind when looking for new ones to try, and here’s what I found on the side of this particular box:

Edward & Sons Exotic Rice Toasts - Nutritionals

Not many offenders in there! Purple rice is a delicious whole grain that has a taste slightly sweeter than regular rice, so in the East it’s often used in sweet dishes.

When deciding what to do with my crackers, I looked to the box for hints. The picture on the front looked like some sort of yellow disc with a green puree on top, and in general didn’t appear very appetizing. Continuing on with the Asian theme I seem to be following these days, I figured some sort of edamame dip on top of the toasts would be tasty. Although I didn’t have all the ingredients on hand to make Edamame Hummus, I was going for something similar. In the food processor, I whirled up a coarse mixture with edamame, a drizzle of soy sauce, sesame oil, ginger paste, chili flakes, and a few pinches of stevia.

Coarse edamame mixture

Then it was time to stack the crackers! Rather than the mystery yellow circles pictured on the box, I opted for cucumbers. Oh, and since I like a good spicy kick in my snacks, I sprinkled a few more chili flakes on top of each stack. The end result looked like this:

Edamame dip on purple rice crackers

The verdict? Probably not the sexiest hor d’oeuvres you’ve ever cast eyes on, but nevertheless very tasty! The toasts are very lightly salted, and provided a nice sturdy base for the rest of the mixture. There were spicy, sweet, and savoury flavours in each bite, and despite looking a little difficult to eat, they really weren’t – and that’s coming from a very messy eater!

Edamame dip with cucumbers on rice toasts

Edward & Sons also makes the same rice toasts in Jasmine Rice and Spring Onion, and Thai Red Rice and Flaxseed flavours. I’m willing to try both after I’m done this box… which will be in the very near future at the rate I’m going!

So tell me…

  • Even if you don’t follow an entirely gluten-free diet, are there any particular gluten-free brands that you really enjoy?
  • Did any fun new things happen where you are yesterday?

Alright, that’s all for me this morning. Have a fantastic day!