Hey there friends!

How’s your week going? Thanks so much for sharing your goals on Monday for the month of April. As always, you inspire me! I’ve got a bright and sunny new recipe to share with you today, so let’s get straight to it!

1. Recipe of the Week.  After a gorgeous sunny long weekend, I think (knock on wood) spring is finally here. Rather than cooked lunches and dinners, my body has been craving crunchy, raw, vibrant foods like berries, crispy greens, nuts and seeds. Determined to satisfy all of these cravings at once, I created a quick and easy meal-sized salad including all of the above ingredients.

fresh greens

fresh berries

almonds sunflower seeds hemp seeds flax

If I hadn’t called this a Super Berry Quinoa Salad, it could be called Spring on a Plate. But what makes it so super, apart from taste, of course?

Super Berry Quinoa Salad

Well, there are those lovely antioxidants in the berries, but the real magic lies in that quinoa. It’s not just plain Jane quinoa, friends. It’s been amped up with almonds, ground flax seed, hemp seeds and sunflower seeds. All of these contain fabulous healthy fats that help us to absorb the nutrients in the greens more effectively.

Super Berry Quinoa Salad

Head on over to Greatist for the recipe!

Super Berry Quinoa Salad
2. Eddoes. I’ve got a new vegetable to tell you about!


I’ve ignored these little guys in the grocery store for a good year now. When planning out my blog posts for this week, I realized I didn’t have any new finds waiting to be reviewed in my kitchen, and therefore decided that the eddoes’ day had come.


After a quick Google, I learned that eddoes are little root veggies that are often compared to potatoes in terms of taste and texture. They’re also closely related to taro, another root veggie I’ve yet to try. Eddoes are native to Asia, but are common in Caribbean, Indian, and Chinese cooking. They look a little gnarly on the outside, but inside the flesh is white and firm.

Like potatoes, they’re typically boiled, roasted, fried, mashed or baked. Since sweet potatoes are far superior to regular white potatoes in my mind, I don’t buy the latter very often. After tasting my first Alexia Foods Sweet Potato Fries last week, I’ve had fries and wedges on my mind ever since. Rather than boil, mash or roast my eddoes, I decided to experiment with making eddoe chips.

I thought peeling them would be like peeling any other root vegetable (only this time it had a hairy skin), but soon realized that this wasn’t the case. Eddoes get really gummy when handled and when they become moist, so skinning them with my carrot peeler was a messier job than I’d anticipated!

peeled eddoes

Eventually I got the eddoes all washed up and sliced with the thin blade on my spiralizer.

spiralized eddoes

Since the flesh had a sticky quality to it, I didn’t bother tossing the bits in olive oil. Instead, I just sprinkled them with my beloved Costco organic salt-free seasoning, then popped them in the oven for about 15 minutes at 425F. Near the end I switched the setting to broil to create a nice golden brown look.

baked eddoe chips

What did they taste like? Not a whole lot, again, sort of like a regular potato. They definitely needed that seasoning, and next time I might even go a little further and toss the pieces in some vinegar before adding spices to boost the flavour. If you’re a big ‘chip person’, baking eddoes as I did here could be an interesting (and healthier) alternative to greasy potato chips. Just like sweet potato wedges, there are heaps of possibilities with these guys – curry coated, herb and garlic, rosemary thyme….. I might buy a few more and keep experimenting!

baked eddoe chips

So tell me…

  • Have you tried eddoes before? How did you cook them?
  • What spring foods have you been enjoying lately? Have you noticed a change in your cravings since winter?