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1. Recipe of the Week. On Wednesday I promised you a recipe for the grill, and I’m about to deliver! In fact, I’ve actually got TWO recipes for you today. When I was a kid, I remember enjoying many summer dinners cooked by my dad on the barbecue. When it came to burgers, it was almost always plain ground beef patties with the occasional chicken one for variety. There wasn’t a whole lot going on in the seasoning department, and the only toppings I cared to add were a thick slice of cheddar and a huge blob of ketchup. Oh how the times have changed! Firstly, I haven’t been a red meat eater since my early teens (likely a contributing factor to the reason why my iron levels are low), but burgers are about so much more than beef, ketchup and cheese.

thai turkey burger on the grill

My passion for Thai food frequently has me thinking about putting a Thai twist on every-day fare, and these these Thai Turkey Burgers are just one of many recent Asian-inspired creations to come off the grill this summer. With only a few ingredients, they’re quick to prepare, and you can adjust the spiciness to match your preferences by adjusting the amount of added green curry paste. (I’ve put some recommendations in the recipe.)

crackers in food processor

Before we get to the glamour shots, let’s chat about toppings for a second. This veggie-loving gal likes to stuff burger buns with as many veg toppings as I can, and this is a great way to punch up the nutrition factor of a plain-Jane burger. Here’s what I put on top of this one:

cabbage and cilantro

carrots peas and lime zest

All of those things mixed up created a Ginger Lime Asian Slaw, which pairs beautifully with the flavours of the burgers. It could be added as a topping, or served on the side as a salad. Sure, it means a little extra chopping, but I promise it’s worth it! (If you need a lower-maintenance slaw, you’ll find a super speedy alternative in my e-book, Living the Whole Foods Lifestyle: A Complete Guide for Fast (Clean!) Food.)

After some assembly and slicing of an avocado (optional, but highly recommended)….

Thai Turkey Burger


Thai Turkey Burger

Head to Greatist for the recipe!

(You’ll find the Ginger Lime Asian Slaw here.)

Thai Turkey Burger

2. Nature’s Path Qi’a. That’s pronounced ‘kee-ya’, and it’s one of the newest superfood cereals from one of my favourite cereal brands, Nature’s Path.

qi'a - nature's path

I was contacted recently by a rep for the brand, asking if I’d like to give Qi’a a try. Having only ever picked up packages in speculation as to what it would taste like, I happily accepted.

Nutritionally speaking, this product receives the Angela seal of approval for being clean eating-friendly! There are three flavours  (Original, Apple Cinnamon, and Cranberry Vanilla). They contain chia seeds, hemp, and buckwheat, and not a whole lot else! Here’s a look at the ingredients list:

qi'a ingredients

Not bad, hey? In addition to a short and recognizable ingredient label, here are a few other fantastic boast-worthy qualities:

  • Full of plant-based protein, fiber and Omega-3’s
  • Certified gluten free
  • Vegan
  • No added sugar or salt
  • High in protein (6 grams per serving)
  • Heart healthy
  • Certified organic
  • Non-GMO project certified

qi'a label

The ‘normal’ way to prepare this cereal is to mix 2 tbsp of cereal with 4-5 tbsp of milk (or milk alternative), stir it up, and wait 5 minutes for the Chia seeds to soak and become gelatinous. One serving is only 2 tablespoons, so I was very skeptical about actually feeling satisfied after I finished it. According to Amazon, 2 tablespoons expands to 16 times larger once the chia seeds have soaked. This wasn’t quite the case for me – I’d say it was closer to about 1/2 cup max!

cranberry vanilla qi'a

There are lots of different ways to enjoy Qi’a, including in baked goods, smoothies, and even savoury dishes. One serving contains 6 grams of protein, which is great, but my body tends to need a bit more than that at breakfast in order to stay full. Therefore. I decided to try my Cranberry Vanilla Qi’a in parfait form, along with some Greek yogurt, pineapple, and raspberries. First, I soaked 2  tablespoons of cereal in 5 tablespoons of water, and after 5 minutes, it looked like this:

cranberry vanilla qi'a soaked in water

Then, I layered the Qi’a in a glass with my Greek yogurt and fruit.

cranberry vanilla qi'a parfait

The verdict? The cranberry vanilla flavour wasn’t especially prominent, except for the bites that had cranberries in them. I don’t think I’d eat this cereal on its own, but as a superfood infusion for my parfait, I really enjoyed the different texture it added. Not only did it help me get my daily dose of healthy fats and fiber, but it also kept me satisfied until lunch. I’ll definitely be adding it into my smoothies for a nutrition boost, and to help create a thicker texture (thanks to the chia seeds).

cranberry vanilla qi'a parfait

I’ve still got the Apple Cinnamon one to experiment with, but I want to let you in on some of the action too!  The folks at Nature’s Path are allowing me to give away one of each flavour to a lucky Eat Spin Run Repeat winner, and to enter, all you have to do is:

Leave a comment below telling me how you’d like to enjoy Qi’a, and what your favourite superfood is. (It doesn’t have to be included in this product.)

For additional entries, you can tweet about this giveaway (1 entry per tweet). I’ve already created one for you here, or feel free to write up your own! Please include @eatspinrunrpt and @NaturesPath in your tweet.

This giveaway is open to Canadian and US residents (yay!), and closes at midnight on Sunday July 7th. I’ll announce the winner in Monday morning’s post.

Good luck!