Hey guys!

Welcome to the first Fit Bit Friday of the new year! I hope you enjoyed your mid-week holiday – I know I certainly did! On my agenda this weekend is a fun lunch date, a great gym session (and it WILL be great!), as well as some blog-related work and recipe testing. What will you get up to?



Work It Out

A few weeks ago, I posted a routine that involved hopping on and off a treadmill, mixing cardio with no-equipment strength moves. This is the type of thing I’ve been enjoying lately, so I figured I’d come up with a few more. Today’s is 14-themed since it’s now 2014, and all you need is a bike that allows you to measure your distance.



The Fresh 14 Workout

No, not to be confused with the ‘Freshman 15’! In this mixed strength and cardio session, you’ll mix time on the bike with 14 reps of various bodyweight strength moves. Hop on a bike to perform the warm-up and first 1.4 mile block, then hop off and do the exercises listed. As quickly as you can, get straight back on the bike, ride, then hop off… you get it, right?

Fit Bit Friday 123 - The Fresh 14 Workout - Eat Spin Run Repeat

Click here to print the PDF.

Turn It Up

Normally I wouldn’t consider One Republic’s songs to be great for workouts because they tend to be a little slower beats-wise. Having said that, Counting Stars is a tune that has really been getting me moving lately! It’s got some great builds that are perfect for moments on a run or ride where you need to amp up the intensity. This song starts slow, but just give it until the 20 second mark to get going. 🙂

Have A Read

Alright, tell me…

  • What’s the most inspiring quote you’ve heard lately?
  • Have you revamped your workout playlists lately? What tunes are you listening to?