Hello there!

Happy almost-weekend once again! This week has flown by and for no particular reason, it’s been pretty awesome! The temperatures have plunged once again but I’ve had some awesome strong workouts in the gym this week and work has been busy yet super productive, so there’s no complaining over here. How has yours been?

spin bikes

Work It Out

Not able to make it to spin class? Or worse, did you get there only to find that there were no free bikes left? Don’t worry – you can still have a great solo cycling session! This workout is best done on an indoor cycling bike (like the ones shown above) rather than a stationary bike because you’ll need to stand for some of the drills. Not only will you work up a fabulous sweat, but you won’t have to worry about the not-so-fabulous sweat of your neighbour dripping on you!



The Drill Sergeant Spin Workout

Start off with an easy warmup, using enough resistance to feel a connection with your pedals, but not too much to make it feel like a big effort – we’ll get there shortly! You’ll do the 6 drills listed in green for 30s each, then take a quick break. You’ll then repeat the sequence 2 more times, first for 45s per drill and again at 60s per drill. Be sure to add plenty of resistance before you stand to climb in order to prevent injury. (It’ll feel much easier climbing out of the saddle because you’ve got your weight to help you. Therefore, you’ve got to add more load to counter-balance it.) Finish up with a steep hill climb and a cool down, and you’re done!

The Drill Sergeant Spin Workout

Click here to print the PDF.

Turn It Up

Alright, if you don’t like country music, you probably won’t like this week’s tune. BUT if you don’t mind it, or if you love it, I think you might just jump off your chair and have a little dance party (and I highly encourage that.) A couple of years ago my roommate introduced me to a female duo called Bomshel, but at the time, their song Halleluya’ll was still really new so there weren’t many good versions of it on Youtube. Well, to my great delight, I found one. This is the only non-live version I can find and the video appears to be a bunch of photos from a country music festival of some sort. Nevertheless I HAD to share because I can’t help but sing along. Turn it up loud friends!

Have A Read

  • The Case for Heavy Lifting – via Huffington Post. The video at the top of this article is a little over-the-top dramatic, but the article itself talks about the benefits of heavy lifting and provides tips to avoid common mistakes.
  • Find your next favourite workout – via FitBottomedGirls.com – If you’re looking to add something new to your fitness mix, check out this flowchart.

So tell me…

  •  What’s one of your biggest spin class pet peeves?
  • What’s on your workout agenda this weekend?