Happy Friday, friends!

How has your week been? Mine seems to have totally flown by, thanks in part to our extra day off on Monday, and I’m really excited for this weekend because I get to see 6 of my best girlfriends from my university days. We were supposed to have our annual Christmas party back in December but our schedules just didn’t let that happen, so we’re having a belated get-together tomorrow. However, before we get to that…. we’ve got fitness matters to discuss!



Work It Out

Since I’m sure many of you have been watching the Olympics, I figured an Olympic-inspired routine was in order this week. So many of the Olympic sports – snowboarding, skiing, speed skating, hockey, and figure skating to name a few – require strong, solid glute and leg muscles. Even though I’m not big into winter sports (I try to stay out of the cold at all costs!) I know that as a runner, glute strengthening is also something that I need to work on. This 2-circuit workout, friends, will help you do just that!



The Gold Medal Glutes Workout

This routine consists of 2 parts: One with standing moves and one with exercises done on the floor (ideally, on a mat for comfort). Perform the first circuit twice through, resting for 1 minute after each round. Then move to an area with a mat to complete the second circuit, three times through. You’ll need a step, a set of dumbells, and a barbell heavy enough to challenge you for the standing circuit. For the second one, you’ll want a weight plate or barbell and a stability ball.

Fit Bit Friday 130 - The Gold Medal Glutes Workout

Click here to print the PDF.

Turn It Up

One of our local radio stations always features a new, up-and-coming Canadian artist each month, and this month is Sebell, a band I know absolutely nothing about other than that their song, Till the Sun Burns Out, is really catchy and particularly well-suited to solo cardio sessions. It sounds to me a bit like a Neon Trees song, but slightly more chilled out. Let me know what you think!

Have A Read

Alright, before you head off, I’d love for you to tell me…

  •  If you could compete in any winter sport, which one would you pick? 
  • What’s your love-to-hate lower body move at the moment? Mine is most definitely weighted hip thrusts!