Hey there!

Happy last-day-of-February! Do you have any fun plans in the works for this weekend? I’ve got a few things happening – a lunch date with one of my friends, a run, some work for some of my health coaching clients, and hopefully some kitchen creations too. Oh, and a trip to David’s tea. I’m running dangerously low and I’m getting anxious about it!



Work It Out

It used to be that I’d isolate a couple of muscle groups and train them on separate days – for example, there was ‘leg day’, ‘arm day’, ‘shoulders day’, etc. While this can be a good approach if you’ve got lots of time, it’s more time-efficient to incorporate multi-joint moves (that is, exercises that incorporate more than one joint and muscle group). That’s exactly what I’ve done with today’s routine, which consists of 8 bodyweight-based cardio and strength moves that work your whole bod.



The Not-So-Easy 8 Total Body Workout

For this routine, you’ll need at least one set of dumbells, kettlebells, or weight plates – use whatever you have available. You can use the same weight for all the moves, or pick heavier ones for the lunges and squats. Start with the 3-minute warm up of high knees, jumping jacks and skaters to get your heart rate up and muscles warm. Then move through each pair of moves twice, resting 1 minute after each set. The first move in each pair is strength based and can be done at regular/slow pace. The second is a cardio move intended to get your heart rate up, so make sure you’re doing them as fast as you can while still maintaining good form.

The Not-So-Easy 8 Total Body Workout - Eat Spin Run RepeatClick here to print the PDF.

Turn It Up

Not long ago, I wasn’t a huge fan of Lorde, the 17-year old New Zealand singer/songwriter that you’ve probably heard a lot of if you listen to the radio. I’d seen a photo of her posted on Instagram looking all frowny and unhappy, and her song ‘Royals’ wasn’t one I fell in love with. However, her other big hit, Team, is more my style. The original version is pretty chilled out, but this Justin Jackson remix picks the beat up a notch and transforms the song into an energizing one for the gym.

Oh and if you’re wondering, her full name is Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O’Connor – no wonder she opted for a shorter one!

Have A Read

So tell me…

  •  Do you prefer total body workouts, or ones that isolate a couple of muscle groups?
  • Any new workout requests? Feel free to throw them at me and you might see them answered next week!