Hello hello!

Happy almost-weekend! I’m certainly ready for it. Do you have any fun plans? This is probably going to sound super nerdy to everyone except my food blogging buddies, but recently I maaayyyy have treated myself to a new camera lens, and ever since its arrival a few days ago, I’ve been totally dying to get in the kitchen and play with it. Also happening will be a tea date with one of my friends, doing my CPR re-certification (thrilling!), a run tomorrow morning, and some work for the blog and my health coaching clients. Oh, and some chilling out with my stack of health and fitness magazines that seems to be piling up. I’ve been so behind lately!



Work It Out

Earlier this week I put out a question on my Facebook page, asking what sort of routine you guys wanted this week. Some of you said running, some said strength, and some said body weight exercises. Thanks for giving me a conclusive answer friends! (NOT!) No worries though, because I’ve rolled all 3 into a single workout, and the run is optional. Since I’ve been into countdown-style routines lately, here’s yet another for you to try.



The Whole Body Hundred Workout

The instructions for this one are simple – simply perform the number of reps for each exercise as indicated, moving immediately from one exercise to the next. If you need to rest in between, go ahead and do so – always remember to go at your own pace. I’ve indicated where weights can be added to make moves more challenging, and in many cases you can use whatever you have – dumbells, kettlebells, or even heavy objects around your house if you don’t have gym access. The final 10 minutes is cardio, and if you don’t feel like running, feel free to cycle, row, hop on the elliptical or step mill, or even put on some loud music and shake your booty like Shakira. Have FUN!

Fit Bit Friday 133 - The Whole-Body Hundred Workout

Click here to print the PDF.

Turn It Up

Friends, I’m obsessed with this week’s tune (hence the reason it is this week’s tune!) My workout playlists consist of many different genres, and it’s rare that they’re ever without at least a few electronic/dance songs. This means that Tiesto takes up his fair share of space on my iPod, and right now, Red Lights is my favourite. I particularly like it as a running song because “running those red lights” is exactly what I do when I’m training outside – well, when no cars are coming. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Have A Read

Now I’d love to hear…

  • What genre of music makes up most of your workout playlists?
  • Tell me something totally random about your week!