Hello friends!

How’s your week going? The sun has been shining for the past couple of days which makes me a very happy girl. Thanks so much for sharing your goals for this month in Monday’s goal check-in post. It sounds like a lot of you are on the right track! I briefly mentioned on Monday that Eat Spin Run Repeat will be getting an overhaul in the coming months, and I’ll be having a section dedicated to all things goal setting- check-ins, vision boards, resources, etc. I’ve noticed lately that searching for content isn’t the easiest thing to do using my current search, so this will be enhanced in the new design. If you have any other feedback or suggestions, I’d love to hear it!

In the meantime, let’s chat about recipes.

1. Recipe of the Week. Now that the sun is finally coming out and the snow is melting, my cravings for raw food (as opposed to cooked, hot dishes) have been going wild. As many of you are already aware, I love a good salad and the fact that spring brings with it a bunch of colourful produce gets me even more excited.

sliced pink grapefruit

cucumbers radish and hemp seeds

ingredients for rainbow vitality salad

As you’re about to see, this week’s featured recipe, The Rainbow Vitality Saladis loaded with heart-healthy fats. If you’ve been skimping on them, then it’s time to listen up! There are so many ways that our bodies stand to benefit, including…

  • They help to prevent heart disease. This might not be one of your biggest worries right now, especially if you’re a young adult, but coronary heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in North America and it doesn’t just happen to seniors.
  • They help us to absorb fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K. Without a little fat, you’re not getting the best nutritional bang for your buck when you eat foods rich in these 4 vitamins.
  • They help to decrease inflammation and repair oxidative damage within the body, which is especially important if you’re an active person who works out regularly.
  • They help to boost brain function, raise good (HDL) cholesterol, lower bad (LDL) cholesterol, strengthen the immune system, and improve mood.
  • They promote healthy, youthful looking skin, strong nails and hair.

So what’s in this particular salad? We’ve got avocado, raw almonds, and hemp seeds – three fabulous sources of unsaturated fat. But wait – there’s more! I’ve tossed in some of the brightest produce I could find to celebrate spring – golden beets, radishes, cucumbers and mixed baby greens.

raw golden beets

trimmed raw golden beets

All together, it looks like this:

The Rainbow Vitality Salad - Eat Spin Run Repeat

While these ingredients provide plenty of flavour on their own, I’ve paired them with a simple grapefruit vinaigrette for an extra citrus-y punch of sweetness. I hope that you enjoy it just as much as I do!

The Rainbow Vitality Salad - Eat Spin Run Repeat

Since I’m a huge fan of North Coast Naturals’ hemp seeds, I’m sharing this recipe over on the North Coast Naturals blog today.

Click here to check it out!

The Rainbow Vitality Salad - Eat Spin Run Repeat

2. The Vibrant Life Cleanse Cookbook & Program from Healthful Pursuit. This past weekend one of my blog friends whom I’ve introduced here before, Leanne, got married to the love of her life. She’s pretty much a modern-day superwoman, because all while planning her wedding, she’s created and launched an absolutely beautiful new e-book, The Vibrant Life Cleanse Cookbook & Program.

The Vibrant Life Cleanse Program and Cookbook

This little beauty contains over 55 dairy-free, vegan & gluten-free juice & smoothie recipes, plus 3 different cleanse programs lasting 7-, 9- and 11- days each. And as you can clearly see from the photos below, these are juices and smoothies you’ll actually want to drink.

recipes from Vibrant Life Cleanse

Gorgeous, right? Leanne graciously sent me a copy of the book to review and I happily agreed. Throughout all the health coaching and nutrition-related reading I do, I’ve learned that there are a whole lot of cleanses out there, many of which are incredibly restrictive and even dangerous. However, knowing Leanne’s approach as a Holistic Nutritionist, I had a feeling hers would be different. After reading just a few pages, this was confirmed.

Inside the Vibrant Life Cleanse

Here’s what a sample day would look like:

Sample Cleanse Day

Because of my race training, I’m not too keen to do a liquid cleanse at the moment. However, I like to enjoy at least one juice or smoothie per day so I was totally up for trying a few of the recipes from Leanne’s book. I’m also a big believer in incorporating smoothies and juices as part of an overall whole foods-based diet, and Leanne’s book has plenty of recipes to keep things fun and interesting. The first one I made was the ‘Power Trip’, a blend of kale, romaine, ginger, apple, cucumber, celery, parsley and lemon.

sliced lemon cucumber and apple

sliced cucumber and an apple

power trip juice

power trip juice

It had been a while since I’d pulled out the juicer and I’d forgotten how much I love it. Last night after work I decided to try another one, this time, the ‘Diamond in the Rough’ juice (which is the same one that you see on the cover of the book).

diamond in the rough green juice

Both of these were so refreshing, and a very timely fit considering I’m all about spring cleaning these days! Next, I’m looking forward to trying out Leanne’s cinnamon stick almond milk. I’ve never made my own nut milks before (not too sure why!) but the process sounds really easy and I’m a huge sucker for anything containing cinnamon.

Whether you’re looking to do a liquid cleanse, or you’re just looking to incorporate more whole foods in your diet, I think you’ll really enjoy this guide. If you’d like to get your hands on a copy of The Vibrant Life Cleanse Program & Cookbook, you can check it out here.

So tell me…

  • Have you ever done a cleanse program? How did it go?
  • What role, if any, do smoothies and juices play in your diet?