Hi guys!

How’s your week been? I have to admit, mine has pretty much flown by because work these days has been super intense. I’m looking forward to a fairly low-key weekend with a run, a long bike, some time spent with friends, and enjoying the sunshine. Any plans for you?

Today I don’t just have one workout for you – I have 7! Rather than just putting together one myself, I thought it would be fun to share some routines from my fellow Fitfluential Ambassador friends as well. As much as I’m a creature of habit, it’s always good to incorporate variety. I often look to these ladies for new workout ideas in order to bust out of my own ruts, and I hope you enjoy them too!



Work It Out

All of the routines in today’s Fit Bit Friday can be done outdoors with very minimal or no equipment. This way, you can spend more of those gorgeous summer holidays and weekends at your cottage, in the park, next to the lake, or at the beach and still get your fitness fix without having to haul a heavy bag of gear around. Pick and choose whichever ones appeal most to you!

The Park Bench Workout – from yours truly. No weights, straps or bands – a bench is all you need!

Fit Bit Friday 144 - The Park Bench Workout

 Click here to print the PDF.

The Quick Fix Workout from Brienne at Lean, Clean, and Brie – 7 moves, 3 times through. Super simple, but this one will make your whole body work!

Backyard Bootcamp from Angela at Happy Fit Mama – A great bodyweight circuit, plus 5 bonus ones – you could do one a day next week!

The Back To School Workout from Debbie at Live in La Quinta – No, it’s not time for back to school – in fact, I’m sure those of you who are teachers are about ready to rejoice because your summer holidays are about to start! This workout is designed for a track or football field, but you can do it in any open area big enough to allow you to run for 100m.

The Staircase Circuit Workout from Tamara at Fit Knit Chick – An all body weight, multi-level, staircase circuit workout designed to build muscle, torch fat and strengthen your heart and lungs!

The Outdoor Sweat Fest from Lindsay at Cotter Crunch – Lindsay is always super creative with her workout ideas and the only thing you’ll need for this one is a curb! If you want to make it tougher, use water bottles as weights to add resistance.

Mile Repeats with a Twist from Amanda at MissZippy1 – Another one for the track, this workout is designed to help you learn how to run negative splits. Amanda uses a 1/4 mile track, but you could adapt the workout for whatever length track you have access to.

running stairs

Turn It Up

Alright, apologies in advance to any male readers because this week’s song is a bit girly. I think I’ve featured a few Natalie Grant songs here on the blog in the past, and her voice is one of the most amazing, powerful ones I’ve ever heard. She released a new album last summer called Hurricane, and I’m totally obsessed with the song Closer to Your Heart. It starts out a bit slow, but if you wait until the 2:55 mark, that’s when it gets really, REALLY good. As in, I might have nearly fallen off the treadmill yesterday because my legs wanted to dance, not run. As always, I’m interested to hear what you think!

Have A Read

And lastly, I have a giveaway winner to announce! Thank you so much for all of your entries and comments on Monday’s post. The winner of the Vega prize pack is Lauren S – congratulations girl! I’ll be emailing you shortly for your contact deets. 🙂

Before you go, tell me…

  • What’s your favourite way to get fit outside?
  • Have you ever participated in a themed race? What was it?