Hey guys!

How are ya today? I am absolutely thrilled that it’s Friday and the weekend is almost here. On Sunday night I had plans to grill some chicken for dinner, only to realize the barbecue was out of propane. Then on Wednesday, my blowdryer decided to pack it in when my hair was only about 60% dry. Clearly, I am winning at life (not) and I think a weekend away will be just what I need! But first…

Source: Women's Health

Source: Women’s Health

Work It Out

When I posted about how I’ve been incorporating swimming as a cross training activity into my workout regimen, I received a few emails and comments from some of  you interested in giving the pool a try for yourselves. I’m by no means a swim coach, but I do have a few years of competitive swimming experience under my belt, so I’m more than happy to help as best as I can. Today’s routine is intended for those that know how to swim but are looking to build more endurance in the water. Of course, you can adapt it for your level of fitness level, and I’ll explain how.

i have suddenly forgotten how to swim

The Free-Styling Workout

After a warm-up of whatever strokes you want for 100m (that’s 4 lengths of a 25m pool) you’ll do 200m worth of freestyle and drills. If you choose to repeat the 200m block 4 times, the workout will total 1000m, or 1KM. However, if you don’t have time to do that much or if you’d like to build up gradually, feel free to do it 2-3 times instead. More advanced? Try doing the 200m block 6 times, and make the first 50m a sprint.

Before you hop in the water, you might want to check out SwimSmooth, a great site with animations that will help you get a better understanding of proper swim technique.

Fit Bit Friday 149 - The Free-Styling Workout - Eat Spin Run Repeat

Click here to print the PDF.

Turn It Up

Since it’s summer,  it would be wrong for me not to feature the ever so appropriately titled song, Summer by Calvin Harris. I’m a fan of lots of his music, especially this tune because it’s upbeat yet chilled out at the same time. And I don’t know why it’s taken me this long to actually watch one of his videos, but I think you’ll agree he’s pretty darn good looking. Makes me proud to be Scottish!

Have A Read

Now, tell me…

  • Are you a fan of swimming? What are some of the workouts you like to do in the pool?
  • What are you up to this weekend?

For anyone racing over the next couple of days, I’m sending you lots of good luck vibes! I’ll be back with a race report on Monday, so until then, have a wonderful weekend!