Hey guys!

Who’s ready for the weekend?! I sure am. It’s been a hard-working kinda week but I’m super excited to chill out and relax for the next couple of days. On my agenda is a baby shower, a nice solo long run tomorrow, a tea date with friends, and chilling out with a large stack of Runners World magazines while simultaneously deciding on my training approach for SeaWheeze in 5 weeks. What will YOU be getting up to?

Work It Out

This week’s fitness feature is a routine I’ve done twice this month and both times have left me with that lovely hurts-so-good feeling the day after. It’s a primarily lower-body focused workout, but you’ll also be using all of the muscles in your core to help stabilize yourself as you move through each exercise.

ryan - squats and lunges

The Bombshell Bottom Half Workout

For this 6-move circuit, you’ll need a barbell and a step. If you find any of the moves too challenging to do with the barbell while still maintaining proper form, feel free to drop it and just use your body weight. Take 2-3 minutes of rest at the end of each round, and repeat the set of 6 moves for a total of 2-3 rounds.

Fit Bit Friday 150- The Bombshell Bottom Half Workout

Click here to print the PDF.

Turn It Up

Today’s tune is inspired by Jess, who recently reminded me how wonderful Gareth Emery is. I have a few of his songs in my spin playlists and have been meaning to download more, but until now just haven’t managed to find the time. I’m pleased to report my iPod is has been refreshed and it now includes my current favourite, U. Yes, it’s just called U and for this song, Gareth has teamed up with fellow English singer/songwriter, Bo Bruce. The upbeat energy combined with the brief slower bits makes it an awesome song for doing intervals, or pushing through the toughest parts of any workout. Enjoy!

Have A Read

Now, I’d love to hear…

  •  If you’re training for a race, what’s the next one on your calendar? Are there any specific types of workouts you’d like to see here to help you prepare?
  • What was the best part of your week?