Hello from Vancouver!

As you’ve probably realized, this post is going up far later than usual for a Friday. I wrote an entire post last night before leaving the airport, including a lovely workout for you but it appears to have been deleted. #FAIL! Christina, Danielle, and I went to the Lululemon SeaWheeze store and race packet pick-up this morning, and it was just as epic as expected. We were up at crazy o’clock and in line by 4:45am (yes, ridiculous I know) but it was totally worth it and I will chat more about it in my recap on Monday.

Until then, here’s the workout that I meant to post for you today!

sweat smile repeat

The Lunge for Your Life Workout

I really hope you like lunges, because they’re the main move in today’s routine. Having said that, don’t expect to be bored because you’re going to be doing all sorts of lunge variations. This circuit is a mixture of cardio and strength-based moves, and I’ve designed it to challenge your entire body. You won’t need any equipment except for a step (or bench, coffee table, chair, or something similar) to do one of the lunge variations. That means you can do this one pretty much anywhere!

Depending on the amount of time that you have, complete this circuit 2-3 times. Take 1-2 minutes rest in between rounds, and be sure to drink water and keep moving during these recovery periods. For all moves, keep your core engaged for stability and always aim for good form before trying to speed up any of the motions. If you want to add dumbells to any of the moves to make them more difficult, feel free to do so.

Fit Bit Friday 154 - The Lunge for Your Life Workout

Click here to print the PDF.

Again, I truly apologize for the delay in getting this up – I know many of you rely on my Friday workouts for your weekend fitness routines so I hope you enjoy this one. I’ll be back on Monday with plenty of Vancouver pics and a race recap to share! 🙂