Hi guys!

Whew. It’s Friday, and I’ve been ready for today since Monday. Don’t get me wrong, last weekend was heaps of fun but I felt like I needed an extra day to chill out and that will be the name of the game tomorrow. I’ve got a little gym session planned, lunch with my gym buddies, and an afternoon tea date to look forward to. Anything fun going on where you are?

To live better, not just longer

Source: Reasons to be Fit

Work It Out

This week’s workout consists of a barbell (sort of – I’ll explain), also known as a barbell complex amongst the bodybuilding enthusiasts of the world. Don’t worry though – you do not need to be a bodybuilder in order to do this, nor do you have to worry about bulking up like one.

You’ll need a barbell that you can safely press over your head with good form for a high number of reps, and if you’re newer to lifting I’d recommend choosing something fairly light until you get a feel for each move. If you’re torn between two different weights, I’d advise the lighter one as my upper body seems to get fatigued quickly with this particular combo, and maintaining good form is key.

To treat your body how it deserves to be treated

Source: Reasons to be Fit

The Buff Barbell Workout

The barbell will be in your hands for this entire routine (minus the rest breaks indicated below), and you’ll want to pick up your barbell with an overhand grip, hands just outside shoulder width apart. Perform the exercises in a fluid fashion, moving straight from one into the other, not setting the bar down until you complete your last deadlift.

This routine won’t take long, but you WILL feel it all over. If you consider yourself an advanced exerciser, try adding the barbell complex into your existing strength training routine. If you’re newer, aim to do the cardio warm up and make the barbell complex your strength workout, again being sure to start with a lighter weight for safety.

To clarify on the rest indicated below, you’ll complete the entire yellow part of the table 5 times before taking 2-3 minutes (or however long you feel you need) to recover, then repeat 2 more times.

Fit Bit Friday 160 - The Buff Barbell Workout

Click here to print the PDF. 

Turn It Up

I’m breaking away from tradition a bit today because I really really want to share a video that I saw floating around on Facebook last week. On Monday I talked about how one of my goals for this month is to be more kind and compassionate with myself and towards others, and if this happens to be a goal of yours too (particularly the self-kindness part), I think you’ll enjoy this.

If you teared up a bit, trust me, you’re not the only one. 😉

Have A Read

Now, tell me…

  • How do you feel about barbell workouts? Love em? Hate em? Never tried? Do you ever feel intimidated or feel that you don’t know how to use them properly?
  • What’s one thing you’re most proud of doing this week?