Happy Friday!

For all of my Canadian friends, are you excited about this lovely long weekend we’ve got coming up? I’ll be heading out to spend some time with my mum, eat some turkey, and watch as much of the IronMan Kona World Championships as I possibly can. Triathlon is something I’ve been super into over the past couple of months (as a spectator of the sport, not yet a participant) and all of the excitement around Kona is pumping me up to take on a few sprint tris next year. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves – we’ve got a Fit Bit Friday to talk about!



Work It Out

Last week’s barbell complex workout seemed to be well received by many of you, and I’ve got another low-impact routine this week that is sure to challenge your entire body. These have been my go-to’s recently because I’ve been giving my knees a break from plyo-based exercises, and I’m pretty sure you’re going to enjoy this circuit. All you’ll need a BOSU and a mat for comfort, making it a great routine for days when your gym is busy and you don’t have much time.



The Stronger Body BOSU Workout

Warm up with your favourite cardio-based exercise, then begin the circuit in yellow below. Depending on your fitness level, adjust the number of times you complete the whole thing. If you’re a beginner, once might be enough for your first try. If you’re a fairly regular exerciser, aim for 2-3 rounds and if you’re more advanced, shoot for 3-4. When you get to the end of each round,  take 2-3 minutes rest before starting again. Don’t forget to stretch out at the end and stay hydrated throughout!

Fit Bit Friday 161- The Stronger Body BOSU Workout - Eat Spin Run Repeat

Click here to print the PDF.

Turn It Up

Confession: I’m embarrasingly in love with Taylor Swift’s song Shake It Off. There. Done. I said it. I know she’s supposed to appeal to teens and not 26 year olds, but I keep finding myself singing away to it in the car and couldn’t resist featuring it today. Whenever I come across a song that I really like, I tend to also look for remixes that are well-suited for workouts. So today I’ve got a double whammy to share with you. Here’s the video for the original…

… and here’s an amazing remix that I found, which I’m starting to like even more than the original song. In fact, after downloading it on Sunday night, I hit the repeat button exactly 4 times within my 1-hour workout on Monday morning. Ob. Sessed.

Have A Read

Now, tell me…

  •  Anyone else watching the Kona coverage this weekend? If so, which athletes have you got your eyes on? For the women I’m expecting great things from Mirinda Carfrae and Jodie Swallow – both of these ladies inspire me enormously!
  • For my Canadian friends, what are your plans for Thanksgiving?