Happy Friday!

As I mentioned in Wednesday’s post, today is an extra special Fit Bit Friday because I’ve got an amazing giveaway to announce! In fact, there’s going to be several giveaways coming up over the coming weeks so stay tuned. For those of you looking to get an early start on your Christmas shopping (or perhaps you’re looking for a few treats for yourself!) I think you’ll like what’s queued up.

Before we get into any more giveaway chat, let’s talk about this super sweaty circuit workout I did on Wednesday.

Work It Out

This month I’ve started a little n=1 self-designed fitness experiment, and I’ll explain more about it in a future post. One component of this is emphasizing strength training, specifically circuits that recruit as many muscles as possible. On Wednesday I was feeling particularly inspired while ellipticizing along at the gym, and began brainstorming ideas for this week’s routine. I scribbled it down in my workout journal, made a few tweaks as I worked through it, and voila! Let me present you with…

The Total Body Attack Workout

This 3-part circuit should take just under 30 minutes and combines strength training with short bursts of cardio in the form of skipping. You’ll start with Set A, performing the clean and presses, squats, and mountain climbers with no rest in between. Then you’ll take 30s (yes, it’s short!), and repeat the 3 moves again twice through, for a total of 3 sets.

As soon as you finish that last set of Set A, grab a skipping rope and count 100 skips. They don’t have to be in a row – simply start counting and if you trip up, start at the number you left off at.

After Set A and the skipping portion are complete, rest just long enough to gather your equipment for set B and continue doing the same pattern. Don’t forget to do your 100 skips at the end of sets B and C, and cool down at the end with some light walking, cycling, and/or stretching.

Note that if you need to make modifications, please feel free to do so. Drop to your knees for push-ups, lighten your weights, or do what you need to ensure you can perform all of the exercises consistently with good form.

Fit Bit Friday 165 - The Total Body Attack Workout - Eat Spin Run Repeat

Click here to print the PDF.

Turn It Up

My workout playlist this week was made up of mostly techno/dance tracks, including several songs by Alesso like Heroes and City of Dreams. While Youtubing away on Sunday for inspiration, I also came across Sweet Escape, and I love it for short intense sprint bursts on the bike or treadmill. It’s got a super energizing beat and empowering lyrics that will make you want to go FAST!

Giveaway Time!

I’d like to skip our weekly fitness news roundup in favour of telling you about the gorgeous Chameleon Jacket by New Balance.

New Balance Chameleon Jacket

I was recently given the opportunity to try it out, and pretty much fell in love the second I opened the box. The majority of my runs have been indoors lately, but we’ve been lucky to have a few mild days. So far I’ve put the jacket to the test on a run around my neighbourhood, a session at the track, and while doing some weekend errands. Aside from the obvious fact that it’s PINK (and we all know how I feel about pink things)…

New Balance Chameleon Jacket

…here are a couple more reasons why I think it’s great:

  • There are discrete side pockets with zippers for holding keys, a phone, gloves, tissues etc
  • It’s long-fitting, with the back being a bit longer than the front – perfect if you have a looong torso like me
  • Despite its super light weight, the jacket surprisingly very warm thanks to what New Balance calls its Polartec Alpha fabric. It has a down-filled sort of feel, but also wicks away sweat to keep you dry
  • The sleeves are long and have thumb holes in the cuffs so that your hands can stay warm
  • There are reflective bits on the logos and trims – very handy since our daylight hours seem to be slipping away fast
  • It’s soft, non-restrictive, doesn’t ride up, and is really easy to move in
  • It’s a really pretty jacket that adds a pop of bright colour to the average black/brown/burgundy/navy fall wardrobe!

New Balance Chameleon Jacket

If all of this sounds good to you, and if you’d like to win a Chameleon Jacket of your own, here’s what you need to do:

  • Mandatory: Comment below telling me 1) your must-have workout accessory and 2) current favourite song to work out to
  • Optional Bonus: Tweet about this giveaway. Something like the tweet below tagging @newbalancecan and @eatspinrunrpt would be just perfect!

New Balance Chameleon Jacket

This giveaway will be open to Canadian residents only (sorry US friends – I’ll make it up to you next week) until midnight on Wednesday November 12th, 2014. I’ll announce the winner in next week’s Fit Bit Friday post. Good luck! 🙂

PS. There just so happens to be another giveaway coming up on Monday, so be sure to pop by for that as well!