Hello friends!

Happy almost-weekend, once again. I’m pleased to announce that this girl is 100% finished her Christmas shopping and will not be setting foot in any malls between now and Boxing Day (or maybe even later than that!) Are you all set for the holidays? I have to work next week but am definitely looking forward to a few days of relaxation time while visiting my mum. Oh, and Christmas dinner of course. Bring on ALL the roasted Brussels sprouts!

Before we get into today’s workout, there’s a giveaway winner to announce! Reading all of your comments about the best gifts you’ve ever received made me smile HUGE. Best of all, I loved that so many were non-material things like time spent with friends and family. It just goes to show that some of the best things in life can’t be put in a box with a bow. Thank you so much to everyone who entered and shared. The winner of the Vega holiday prize pack is Joanna, but stay tuned for more giveaways to come in the new year! (Joanna, I’ll be in touch this morning to get your contact details.)

Moving right along…

Work It Out 

Today’s routine looks pretty simple, but it’s got potential to inflict plenty of pain – in a good way of course! Since there are indeed only 6 days until Christmas, I figured a nice countdown-style circuit would be a good idea for this week. This one requires zero equipment, just your body weight and some water to keep you hydrated. That means there’s no excuses for not getting it done!

The 6 Sleeps Until Christmas Workout

Do each of the 6 moves in the table below immediately after each other. You’ll do 6 rounds of the circuit in total, with 6 reps per move being the starting point in your first round. In the next, you’ll do 5 reps per move, then 4 reps per move, etc all the way until your final set, with just 1 rep of each exercise. It’s a very short routine, but if you keep your rest minimal at the end of each round, you will definitely feel the intensity.

Fit Bit Friday 171- The 6 Sleeps Until Christmas Workout - Eat Spin Run Repeat

Click here to print the PDF.

Turn It Up

While it would be very appropriate for me to post a Christmas song this week, I have to admit I’m getting a bit tired of them (I’m not a Grinch, I promise!) and perhaps some of you might be too. Today’s tune does not fall in that genre, but it does make me want to break out into a dance pretty much everywhere I listen to it. The song is Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson ft Bruno Mars and I promise it will instantly put a little extra swagger in your step. 😉

Have A Read

Before you go, I’d love to hear…

  • What are your fitness plans for this weekend? Any good holiday-themed workouts to share?
  • I’m taking workout requests for Fit Bit Fridays in 2015… if you’ve got em, let me know! 🙂