Hi friends!

How was your week? I have to admit, mine felt a little too long. After two 4-day weekends in a row after the holidays, 5 days of work felt like an eternity! Thank goodness, the weekend is here again and I’m pumped for a lunch date tomorrow with some of my blogger besties in Toronto. It might be frigidly cold outside but that will not stop us!

Over to our usual Friday fitness chat…

Work It Out

My fitness regimen these days has been largely dictated by my coach, and involves a whole lot of swimming, biking and running for long durations at low intensities – something I’ve never really done before! I like to test all the Fit Bit Friday routines prior to posting them, but to be honest I haven’t had loads of time outside of my coach’s workouts to play around in the gym. Therefore, this one is a quick routine that can be done at home (or anywhere!) in less than 25 minutes. It was so cold when I came home from work on Tuesday and I wanted something to warm me up quick, so this workout is exactly what I did!

The HIIT Split Workout

For this routine, you’ll do 4 different pairs of exercises. The first move is intended to be done at a high intensity (hence the HIIT) and get your heart rate up quick. You’ll want to do it quickly, all while keeping good form, of course! The second is more of a strength-based move, so do this one slower, focusing primarily on range of motion and form. You can add some weight if you have it available, but if you go hard enough in the first move, you shouldn’t feel the need for more resistance in the second.

Start with 9 reps of exercise A, immediately followed by 1 of exercise B. Then do 8 As and 2 Bs, 7 As and 3 Bs, all the way until you hit 1 A and 9 Bs. Take 2-3 minutes rest, then do the same again but with the next pair of exercises.

Fit Bit Friday 173 - The HIIT Split Workout - Eat Spin Run Repeat

Click here to print the PDF.

Turn It Up

I’m going to shamelessly admit right here and now that my inner 15 year old teenage girl is LOVING the new One Direction album, Four. I downloaded it on the weekend and have listened more times than I can count. There don’t seem to be many remixes of the songs on Youtube that are better than the originals, so for now, here’s the video for Steal My Girl. The video makes absolutely zero sense, but maybe that’s because I’m no longer a boy-crazy tween.

Have A Read

Before you head off, tell me…

  • What was one of your big highlights this week?
  • Any other One Direction fans want to reveal themselves? 😉