Hello hello!

Happy Friday to ya! I hope you had a lovely week, and that you’ve got some fun planned for the weekend. After literally being in ALL the places ALL day long last Saturday, this will be a far more quiet one for me. A long workout, some recipe creation and the usual around-the-house to-do’s will be happening, in addition to sampling the first batch of kombucha that my roomie Jess and I started making last weekend. I’m so excited to experiment with different flavours and you can definitely expect a how-to post with recipes coming up soon.

Over to our usual topic of conversation for a Friday…

Work It Out

Since last month’s January Core Challenge was really well received by many of you, I decided to create a new one for February. This one only takes 1 week, but if you like, feel free to repeat it a few times this month. The moves don’t require any equipment, but you can certainly add weights and make it progressively harder if you do a repeat week. Each day you’ll add a few more reps of each move, and by the end your legs and lower body in general should be feeling pretty darn strong. Well, actually, it might all be feeling like Jell-O but after a few days of rest you’ll feel the benefits, I’m sure!

The February Love Your Legs Challenge Workout

This challenge consists of 3 moves that progress in reps over the course of 1 week. Notes for form are in the top section of the image below, but if you’re not sure about how to do them properly, I encourage you to watch a few Youtube videos to get a better understanding. If you decide to add weight, it could be your standard dumbells, barbells and/or weight plates, but if you’re working out at home, heavy duffel bags or water jugs could be used instead.

Fit Bit Friday 178 - The February Love Your Legs Challenge Workout - Eat Spin Run RepeatClick here to print the PDF.

Turn It Up

I’m switching up the music genre this week from the EDM/dance to Christian rock, due to recently discovering that a band I was totally obsessed with at the age of 12 came out with a new album last year – and it’s really good! The Living Years by The Newsboys is one of my favourites on the album so far, and just like many of the others I’ve featured here before, it’s most energizing and uplifting when listened to with earphones. The beat is perfect for cycling at around 95RPMs and you could definitely use it for a bike workout where you take the resistance up in the chorus. Oh, and if you’re looking for another good one, check out Live with Abandon, also from the Restart album.

Have A Read

Now over to you! Tell me…

  •  Is there a particular component of your fitness you’ve chosen to work on this month?
  • What are you looking forward to this weekend?