Hey friends!

How was your week? Today is a work from home day for me, and I’m gearing up for a busy one. One of the things I like about my full-time gig is the flexibility to work from home occasionally, and sometimes I find it to be SO much more productive than when I’m in the office. While being around others is great for the fun social dynamic, sometimes it can be distracting – especially in an open-concept one. Being home seems to help me focus, and that’s important on days like today where I’ve got lots that needs to be done!

Alright, enough about work. Let’s get to our Friday fitness banter.

Work It Out

On Monday I’ll have a new Ironman 70.3 Victoria training check-in to share, and as you’ll read then, swimming is the only area where I’ve had trouble staying motivated. I’ve employed a few strategies to help ensure that I get my butt to the pool, one of which is writing out my full workout down ahead of time. Something about this makes me think, “Ok, you’ve taken the time to plan this out, so don’t let it go to waste.” That’s what got me to the in the water yesterday, and the workout I’m sharing with you today is what I did.

The Rolling Hundred Swim Workout

In total you’ll cover 2400m, plus an easy 100m cool-down. The 2400m is broken down into 1k, 500m, 400m, 300m, and 200m portions, and you’ll alternate between freestyle and pulling with paddles and a pull buoy. How does the rolling hundred fit in? On every 3rd hundred (that’s at 300m, 600m, 900m, 1200m etc), throw in a fast one. It doesn’t have to be an all-out sprint, but it should feel like a comfortably hard effort. Keep this going all the way until the end of the 2400m, then do 100m super easy.

Fit Bit Friday 232 - The Rolling Hundred Swim Workout - Eat Spin Run Repeat

Click here to print the PDF.

Turn It Up

Recently I caved in and finally upgraded to Spotify Premium because I just. couldn’t. handle. listening to the ads any more. It was a great decision, and I’ve been listening non-stop which means more music discovery and more great tunes to share with you! I’ve been loving Sigala’s Say You Do this week, probably because I like throwback songs and this one happens to have a little part in the chorus that sounds a lot like Mariah Carey’s Always Be My Baby. Have a listen and you’ll soon see what I mean.

Have A Read

Lastly, it’s time to announce the winners from my Super Snack Giveaway! Here they are:

  • Wonderfully Raw prize pack: Christie
  • Simply Protein prize pack: Julie
  • Naked Snacks box: Rachelle

I’ve already emailed each of you to get your shipping details. But…. if you didn’t win, don’t worry! You can still score yourself some of these awesome goodies using the discount codes I provided on Monday, and I’ve got another fun giveaway coming up on Monday so be sure to come back for that!

So tell me…

  • What was the highlight of your week?
  • Those of you who are swimmers/triathletes: What do your pool workouts look like?