Hey there friends!

How’s your week been? Mine was rather wonderful. There were projects completed, lunch dates, catch-ups with friends, solid workouts, and at the end of it all, I’m feeling especially grateful this morning. Perhaps it’s my daily meditation habit that I’ve recommitted to that’s making me feel this way, but whatever it is, I’m not complaining!

Work It Out

This week’s fitness feature is one for all of you who have places to go and people to see – which is everybody! My weekends are busy, and I know yours are too. If you’ve got only 30 minutes to get a solid workout in and want to make the most of it, then the bike session I’ve got for you today is perfect! You’ll definitely want a towel and water for this one. 😉

The 30-Minute Interval Extravaganza Bike Workout

Start with an easy 5 minute warm-up, gradually building resistance, then backing it down for a full minute before you start the first working block. In the 1 minute rest portions at the end of each of the 5 blocks, take your resistance way down and recover as much as you can before starting the next. Be sure to cool down at the end, bringing your heart rate back to normal.

Friday 234 - The 30-Minute Interval Extravaganza Bike Workout - Eat Spin Run Repeat

Click here to print the PDF.

Turn It Up

I’m going through a MAJOR tropical house kick these days (as in the musical genre, not the straw hut on stilts sort of tropical house, but I’d be down with that too.) In recent weeks I’ve given you guys songs by Sigala, Faul and a few others, and I’m carrying on this Friday with Back in the Day by De Hofnar ft. Goodluck. It may not be the best for hard interval workouts like the one above, but I love it for long rides and runs because it helps me get into a nice smooth rhythm. The video also includes lots of shots of a beach, which reminds me of summer and warm weather, another thing that never fails to make me happy! If you want an extended version, try this one.

Have A Read

Now over to you! Let’s hear…

  • Any exciting plans for the weekend?
  • What’s your current favourite way to sweat?