Social media and smartphones get a lot of criticism for taking us away from face-to-face interactions, causing accidents and encouraging us to tune out from the environment around us. While this is certainly true in many cases, I’d argue that in some situations it makes me a more educated, inspired person. For example, I can read posts from my favourite bloggers while waiting for the train, or listen to podcasts while I walk to work. We’ve all heard that nobody is truly effective at multitasking, but if you ask me, these are learning opportunities where it makes sense.

Ultimate Spicy Tofu Sushi Bowl - Eat Spin Run Repeat

Another situation: Waiting in line at Costco – or anywhere for that matter. For anyone who has ever waited in a long line (which is everybody), simply looking at the line and thinking about how long you’re going to have to wait can be stressful. So rather than getting frustrated about having to wait because the person ahead of me decides they need to go grab another bunch of bananas, I turn to Instagram.

Huevos Rancheros Skillet - Eat Spin Run Repeat

What would you find in my Instagram feed? The answer probably wouldn’t surprise you. I follow my real-life friends, my blogger friends, as well as companies I love and people who inspire me. Many of these people are foodies who I’ll probably never meet, but nevertheless they have gorgeous Instagram accounts that display real food in all its glory. If delicious, beautiful food gets you excited (and hungry), I think you should follow them too!

8 Instagram foodies you should follow - Eat Spin Run Repeat

Laura – @abeautifulplate

8 Instagram foodies you need to follow - abeautifulplate

Laura is a Chicago-based culinary school graduate, food photographer, and full-time blogger living in downtown Chicago. Her recipes are simple, stunning to look at, and she’s been taking photos of her food long before Instagram was a thing. She’s worked at an award-winning restaurant in Washington DC, and managed marketing for a national fine foods distributor (which included food styling and photography in the company’s test kitchen – how cool is that?!) Now she’s a full-time blogger, channeling her passion for food into her blog, A Beautiful Plate.

8 Instagram Foodies to Follow - Eat Spin Run Repeat - abeautifulplate

Follow Laura here.

Josephine – @atastylovestory

8 Instagram foodies you need to follow - atastylovestory

Josephine lives in Denmark and is the blogger behind A Tasty Love Story. Her beautiful whole food recipes have a nordic-inspired twist, and many of the ingredients she uses are grown locally. Josephine has her Bachelor’s in Nutrition and Health and is currently studying for her Masters in Human Nutrition. Whether she’s writing about a Rainbow Bowl with Pickled Beets and Beluga Lentils or a Vegan Chocolate & Banana Split Ice Cream Pie, her love for food shines through.

8 Instagram Foodies to Follow - Eat Spin Run Repeat - atastylovestory

Follow Josephine here.

Paola – @cravingsinamsterdam

8 Instagram foodies you need to follow - cravingsinamsterdam

Paola’s blog,, is a mix of both healthy and indulgent recipes, her explorations in Amsterdam, and her adorable cats. Originally from Peru, Paola has traveled the world and studied cooking in Lyon, France. If I’m ever able to take photos of avocados and eggs that are half as beautiful as hers, my life will be complete!

8 Instagram Foodies to Follow - Eat Spin Run Repeat - cravingsinamsterdam

Follow Paola here.

Heather – @heatherchristo

8 Instagram foodies you need to follow - heatherchristo

Heather is a mother, wife, chef and author with a knack for creating allergy-free recipes that make me want to eat my iPhone. Her recipes prove that people with food allergies don’t need to feel limited by what they can’t have, but rather, can be empowered and inspired by all the amazing foods they can have. Need convincing? Check out her Carrot Cake Donuts, Mexican Chicken Noodle Soupand Vegan Crispy Rice Chocolate Caramel TrufflesEvery recipe on Heather’s blog is free of gluten, dairy and eggs, and you can read more about her here.

8 Instagram Foodies to Follow - Eat Spin Run Repeat - heatherchristo

Follow Heather here.

Heike – @tastyasheck

8 Instagram foodies you need to follow - tastyasheck

Unlike the other ladies featured here, Heike isn’t a blogger but she’s absolutely on fire when it comes to Instagram. (She was even featured recently on Instagram’s blog!) Based in Switzerland, Heike is a visual designer and her expertise is clearly reflected in her ability to create an Instagram feed that looks even more delicious than a food magazine. Her recipes are all plant-based, and you’ll find her Deep Purple Soba Bowl and Green Power Smoothie in this article from Thrive Magazine.

8 Instagram Foodies to Follow - Eat Spin Run Repeat - tastyasheck

Follow Heike here.

Renae – @the_wholesome_nutritionist

8 Instagram foodies you need to follow - the_wholesome_nutritionist

Renae is new to the blog world, and I was immediately drawn to her account because of all her eye-catching, colourful photos. Like the other talented Instagrammers featured here, this Aussie dietitian knows how to make my mouth water. In her feed you’ll find tons of smoothie bowls, fresh fruit, baked goods, healthy desserts and a few savoury bites too.

8 Instagram Foodies to Follow - Eat Spin Run Repeat - the_wholesome_nutritionist

Follow Renae here.

Davida – @thehealthymaven

8 Instagram foodies you need to follow - thehealthymaven

Hooray for Canadian bloggers and Instagrammers! I’ve been reading Davida’s blog, The Healthy Maven for a long time now and initially stumbled upon it one day while looking for other Canadian bloggers. I think the biggest reason why I love following Davida, both on her blog and on social media, is because she’s the real deal. Whether it’s body image struggles or finding an intuitive approach to exercise and food, she is always soul-baringly honest. The fact that she happens to create amazing whole food recipes is just the icing on the gluten free carrot cake. Sorry, I had to. 😉

8 Instagram Foodies to Follow - Eat Spin Run Repeat - thehealthymaven

Follow Davida here.

Erin – @wellplated

8 Instagram foodies you need to follow - wellplated

Last but certainly not least, we have Erin from Well Plated. Holy smokes – this girl knows how to get me hungry! I think she could make even the biggest vegetable skeptics come around, and her writing never fails to make me laugh. In Erin’s words, “I’m probably the loudest person in the room right now. It’s not intentional—I simply never learned to whisper. I sneeze like a mouse, am inappropriately competitive when playing Spoons, and my soul is comprised of 78% dark chocolate ganache.” Well Plated features healthy recipes catering to a wide variety of diets, with plenty of more indulgent ones too. And yes, in case you wondered, there is indeed chocolate ganache. 😉

8 Instagram Foodies to Follow - Eat Spin Run Repeat - wellplated

Follow Erin here.

So tell me…

  • What would I find if I were to scroll through your Instagram feed?
  • Have you discovered any amazing Instagram accounts lately?