Hold on to your hats folks, because this was quite possibly one of the biggest game-changing months of my life so far. Well, aside from March of last year when I moved to across the country, I suppose. And for those wondering, no, I’m not getting married and I’m not pregnant.

All my friends are either getting married or having babies, and I'm here like "Who wants to go to a spin class, then run, then hike, then swim, then drink smoothies with me?"

But first, let’s look back on how the 3 goals I set for March went down:

1. Give an awesome talk at an upcoming women’s networking event – A

Hooray – this happened! Well, by that I mean that I spoke at the event, got some really positive feedback, didn’t suffer any memory loss mid-sentence, didn’t break out in a face full of zits the morning of, and generally had a really good time! It was so much fun meeting other female entrepreneurs and I have every intention of going to similar events in the future.

2. Pitch content to 3 different media outlets (and hopefully get published on all 3!) – A

Even though one of the pitches I made was rejected, this actually turned out even better than I expected! I’m always so honoured to have the opportunity to spread my enthusiasm for wellness as wide as possible, and here’s some of the places where that happened last month:

Vanilla Mint Smoothie - Eat Spin Run Repeat

3. Reinstate a minimum of 5 minutes of meditation and/or stretching per day – B

Out of the 31 days of March, I either meditated or did some sort of yoga or stretching on 23 of them. It wasn’t every day, but it was enough to make me notice a difference. As I mentioned when setting this goal, I used an app called Insight Timer which has tons of guided meditations lasting from 1 minute to over an hour. I’ll admit that for a few of the ones that I did lying in bed, I fell asleep and found myself waking up a few hours later with my phone next to my face (oops!) However, I think my my sleep quality, overall happiness and mental clarity have all improved after a month of this habit, so I plan to keep it up.

Insight Timer App on iPhone 6

As for the stretching part, as an athlete this is something I feel like I could always benefit from more of. I count foam rolling as stretching since technically, it’s stretching out fascia and helping with recovery. Foam rolling used to be something I did religiously after each and every workout, but I got a bit lazy with it and March was a month where the roller and I became friends again. It’s amazing what a difference it makes in reducing post-run stiffness and soreness, and if you haven’t yet given it a try, I highly recommend checking out this (very old but still very informative) post on foam rolling. I’ll be making an even bigger effort to foam roll and stretch this month, especially since race season is starting and I have no time for injuries!

So what was so big and exciting?

Guys, this could be an entire post in itself, but here’s the news in a nutshell: About a month ago I was presented with an opportunity to join a Vancouver-based company full-time. It’s a company I’ve been watching and admiring for years, and a brand that has resonated with me ever since I knew what it stood for. Just like a few of the other big decisions that I’ve made in my adult years, this one caught me 100% off-guard but I couldn’t be happier and more excited about it.

Can’t see the video? Click here.

How’s it going so far? I’ll let ya know – today is my first day as a lemon! 😉

And what’s happening goals-wise for April?

Well, lots! I have another fairly big piece of news to share with you next week, but for now, here’s what I plan to achieve this month:

1. Be a sponge.

Yes, a sponge. As in, I want to soak up every bit of information coming my way in my new gig and make a really strong start. That includes things related to the job itself, the company, and all the awesome people that I’ll be working with. Funnily enough, ever since signing my offer a couple of weeks ago, I seem to be randomly meeting people in my extended social circles that just so happen to be my new co-workers. My hope is to meet lots of new friends, and to be a really good listener and learner so that I can start making some meaningful contributions to my team as soon as possible.

2. Get outside for at least 3 workouts per week.

In addition to the beautiful weather we’re currently experiencing, I now have the amazing blessing of having an office located just minutes from the beach and coworkers who love to sweat just as much as I do. Over the past week I’ve been running outside a lot and I can’t even tell you how amazing all that fresh air feels. It’s been getting light at about 6:30am which means a run along the beach or some other outdoor workout is 100% doable, and I am SO excited to escape the stale air and confines of the gym! 🙂

Vancouver Sea Wall - Eat Spin Run Repeat

3. Practice race nutrition and pacing for the BMO Half Marathon on May 1st.

Yep, race season is finally here! The BMO Vancouver Half Marathon is how I’ll be kicking it off, but between now and then I’ve got some work to do. Last summer my stomach was totally cool with taking on gels, thanks to the prep that I did during my half Ironman training. I promptly stopped taking on fuel during workouts because there was no need for it (and because I couldn’t bear the thought of all that sugar any longer), but I think a race nutrition re-conditioning phase is necessary before May 1st. I’ll be taking gels out on my long runs between now and then, and perhaps on some longer tempo runs just to be sure that I can get a gel down when my gut is under physical stress.

Vega Sport Gel and Asics GT-2000s

Alright, that’s it for me! Now I’d love to hear from you…

  • What are you working on this month?
  • For my Vancouver buddies: Anyone else running the BMO half or full marathon? How’s training going?