We’re shaking it up a bit today.

One of my favourite things about being a blogger is getting to know people in the community, especially readers like you. There’s something kinda magical about having a conversation with a person, whether it’s in-person, via email, blog comments or on social media, who fully feels exactly what it is you have to say.

When I post a recipe that I’m crazy excited about and one of you tells me you made it for your family and your kids asked for seconds, I do a little fist pump. Similarly, if I spill my guts about how I’m feeling during a difficult time or share not-so-sunny stories and one of you tells me you can totally relate, it feels like a virtual hug. I love it all.

With that said, sometimes it feels like I do an awful lot of talking about… well, myself. Today we’re going to change that! Those of you who have read this blog for a long time know that I like to do occasional surveys. I consider you all my friends, and it’s been a while since we talked about how you’re doing.

So… let’s have a virtual lunch date. You go order, I’ll find us a table and let’s catch up.

Butternut Squash Carrot and Ginger Soup - Eat Spin Run Repeat

PS. If you want what I’m having, it’s this Butternut Squash, Carrot and Ginger Soup.

Psst: For those of you who are reading this post in your inbox, you’ll need to click here to answer the survey. On a phone? This link will work much better.

Thank you so much in advance for taking the time to share a bit about yourself. I’ll reward you on Wednesday with a recipe that’s like a cozy fleece blanket for your insides. ? Have a great week!