It’s a long weekend here in BC, and I’m feeling especially grateful for it today. It’s been quite the week, hasn’t it? As I’m sure is the case for most of us, it feels like everything in social media feeds over the past couple of days has been political in nature. I’m very much a non-political person, so let’s take the opportunity to head into the weekend with positive vibes, shall we? A little Friday gratitude, perhaps?

Right now I’m grateful for many things, especially…

  • The stellar group of people I get to work with every day. They’re not just co-workers, but also amazing friends.
  • The fact that we actually saw the sun a few times this week. That’s quite special here in Raincouver at this time of year!
  • Finding an amazing naturopath to work with
  • Friends who are holding me accountable to my energy management goal for November. I made it to yoga and meditation classes this week!

In addition to all that, I had some wicked gym sessions and I’ve got one of those to share with you today.

Work It Out

Admittedly, today’s circuit is one that’s quite similar to others I’ve given you recently. I still wanted to share it though, because 1) it kicked my butt on Wednesday, 2) it’s a reflection of what my workouts are truly looking like these days, and 3) it’s time-efficient and that means you can get a solid total-body sweat in this weekend in less than half an hour. Quick, efficient, and tough. ?

weight sled

The Sweat for 6 Circuit Workout

You’ll need 1 heavy kettlebell (for swings and squats), 1 medium kettlebell (for triceps extensions), a step or box, a set of dumbells and a skipping rope. Set a timer for 6 minutes and do the moves in circuit one as many times through as you can before the timer ends. Rest for 30-60s, then do the same for Circuit 2. Repeat circuit 1 and circuit 2 again, for a total of 24 working minutes.

Fitness Friday 269: The Sweat for Six Circuit Workout

Click here to download/print the PDF.


Kettlebell sumo squats – hold the single heavy kettlebell by the handle with both hands, letting the kettlebell graze the ground at the bottom of each squat

Weighted bench step-ups – Hold the dumbells at your sides and alternate the leading foot with each step.

Overhead triceps extension – Do these while holding the bell of a single medium kettlebell with both hands.

Dumbell squat and press – Start with the dumbells at your shoulders and lower into a squat with them in the same position. As you stand, press them overhead.

Turn It Up 

I don’t think I’ve posted many Ellie Goulding songs here in the past, but last week I came across a remix of Falling For You. The original version definitely isn’t one with a workout-worthy sort of beat to it, but this remix is awesome for cardio – or getting you through any sweat, really. Enjoy!

Can’t see the video? Click here.

Have A Read

Now over to you! Before you go, tell me…

  • What are a few things you’re most thankful for right now?
  • What’s one thing that went really well for you this week?