The August Photo-A-Day Challenge

What it’s all about:

This challenge is one that I set for myself at the beginning of August in order to improve my photography skills. The purpose is to practice using my camera by shooting frequently (every day) and focusing on a particular object or theme each day. Here’s the list of things to capture:

Here are the photos:

1. My handwriting

2. Hands

3. Water


4. A picture of you – Post-run, nice and sweaty, feeling awesome.

5. Something you made

zucchini pesto noodles

6. A favourite place – Vancouver!

7. In your bag

In My Bag

8. An activity you love – Not exactly my favourite photo, but it’s hard to take a picture of yourself running!

9. Transportation


10. What you wore


11. Landscape

Vancouver landscape

12. From a distance

13. A bad habit

Whole Foods bag

14. Clouds

15. Green

green smoothie

16. High angle

17. Low angle

18. Shoes

19. Something blue

20. Dinner tonight

salmon with bean and avocado salsa

21. Summertime

22. Sunset


23. Eyes – Pardon my wonky eyebrows!!

24. A mess

25. Dressed up

26. Black and white

27. Fruit

cherries in a mason jar

28. Something orange

29. Something pink


30. Close up

31. Mail