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Goal Setting

27 Mar, 2017

March Goal Check-In and 3 for April 2017

Hey friends! How was your weekend? After quite an insane week, I ended up doing exactly as I said I was going to on Friday and spent some time giving myself some quality TLC. I've been firing on all cylinders pretty hard lately and while riding an adrenaline high there for a while, things were [...]

6 Mar, 2017

February Goal Check-In and 3 for March 2017

Hello there! How was your weekend? I had a lovely restorative one full of sleep, hot yoga dates, brunch, a little recipe creation, and a nice long walk in the sunshine..... and then it snowed. WHAAAAAT? I know. Let's try to forget about it. Last night I also went to a potluck with some new [...]

20 Feb, 2017

February Reader Q&A: Day job edition

Hey friends! Welcome to this month's reader Q&A, which has turned out to be a bit of a lengthy one. I've been going through all the questions you submitted via the ask me anything form, and this month decided to tackle the ones that have to do with work - as in, my day job. Quite [...]

30 Jan, 2017

3 goals for February 2017

Hello there! Welcome to a fresh week, and in just a couple of days, a fresh month. How are you feeling? One month into 2017 and I have to say, things are pretty darn good over here. Yesterday I had a total ripper of a workout, followed by an absolutely glorious massage at the spa [...]

2 Jan, 2017

2017 Goals

Happy New Year! Hurrahhhhh, it's here. Are you excited!? I am. The beginning of January is one of my favourite times because it feels so fresh, clean and full of possibility. As much as I know there are plenty of skeptics out there who hate the buzz of motivation levels riding high, I thrive on [...]

19 Dec, 2016

The Gorgeous Guide to Goal Conquering 2017

It's here, friends! The new year is fast approaching and I'm sure you've been giving a bit (or a lot) of thought to what you'd like 2017 to look like. Or, perhaps life has been moving so quickly that you feel you haven't even had a chance yet to think past the current week - [...]

12 Dec, 2016

December Reader Q&A: Time management and tips for new bloggers

It's time for another Q&A post, and you guys have had some great questions for me lately. This December edition is all about blogging, time management, and advice for new bloggers, so let's get straight into it. You’ve been blogging for over 6 years now and I've been following you since the beginning! How do [...]

28 Nov, 2016

November Goal Check-In and 3 for December 2016

Well my friends, it's very nearly the last month of 2016. How are we doing? Ready for the holidays? Recovering from Thanksgiving and one of retail's biggest weekends of the year? Ready to start fresh? As the year winds down I've already been giving some thought to all the things I want to do in [...]

21 Nov, 2016

A different kind of offseason

I was going to give you a Thanksgiving recipe roundup post today for the benefit of my US friends celebrating later this week, but scrapped that plan while driving home, deep in thought yesterday afternoon. Today's post isn't a recipe, nutrition nuggets, a playlist or workout. It's a quick one that gives you a peek into the inner workings [...]

31 Oct, 2016

October Goal Check-In and 3 for November 2016

Hello November! Well, almost - I suppose I should be saying Happy Halloween first. Did you have a fab weekend? While mine wasn't about dressing up in costumes, it did include a visit to the beach with my friend Nina and her new puppy (SO cute!) and a fantastic Sunday morning workout with another great friend, Emma. We went out [...]

24 Oct, 2016

Enough about me, let’s talk about you

We're shaking it up a bit today. One of my favourite things about being a blogger is getting to know people in the community, especially readers like you. There's something kinda magical about having a conversation with a person, whether it's in-person, via email, blog comments or on social media, who fully feels exactly what it is you [...]

3 Oct, 2016

September Goal Check-In and 3 for October 2016

Hello friends! Did you have a lovely weekend? It was a very typical rainy fall day here which wasn't awesome for outdoor fun BUT very good for getting my hair cut, napping and catching up on a bunch of blog things... like writing this post! I can't believe it's October already and that next weekend [...]

26 Sep, 2016

Things I know for sure at 28: Self kindness

Welcome to part 4 of this little series, which was originally intended to only be one post. (What was I thinking?!) If you'd like to catch up before reading on, check these out first: Part 1: On outstanding people, the comparison trap and standards  Part 2: On feedback, work and self worth Part 3: On finding happiness Today's [...]

19 Sep, 2016

Things I know for sure at 28: Finding happiness

This is the third post in what has turned out to be a mini-series of lessons I've learned - particularly over the past year. You can find part 1 and part 2 here, and I've decided there's going to be a 4th because while writing this, I realized there was more to say than I thought. [...]