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23 Oct, 2017

Reader Q+A: Best Exercises for Flat Abs

It's time for another reader Q+A, and this month it's my take on a question I get a lot: "What are the best exercises for flat abs?" Let me start this one by saying that there haven't been many Fitness Friday workouts here lately due to the commitment I made to myself earlier this summer. [...]

1 Sep, 2017

Fitness Friday 303: The Hour of Power Total Body Workout

What?! A Friday post. Yep, this is real life. I know it’s been a couple of weeks since the last Fitness Friday, and I apologize for that. These August weekends are slipping away far faster than I’d like, and BOOM - now it’s September! This has been one very rough week for the blog in [...]

14 Aug, 2017

lululemon Seawheeze 2017 Half Marathon Race Recap

Oh my. Where to begin? I say it every year, but this was one of my favourite lululemon Seawheeze weekends yet. If you were to ask me what specifically made it that way, I don't think I'd be able to pin down a specific thing, because it was everything. So instead, I'll just give you [...]

11 Aug, 2017

Fitness Friday 302: The 3×3 Total Body Blitz Workout

Happy FriiiiiiiiiYAY! How are you doing this morning? It's Seawheeze weekend, and words can't describe how excited I am for the festivities that are about to happen. Actually - they're already happening. Yesterday I was helping out with the setup of the exclusive Runner's Shop at the Vancouver Convention Centre, and get this: people had already [...]

28 Jul, 2017

Fitness Friday 301: The Hit Your Stride Run Workout

Happy Friday, friends! How's your week been? It's been a little crazy over here in my neck of the woods, but I'm off on a little adventure to Pemberton and Whistler this weekend which I've been looking forward to all month long. One of my best work buddies and I will be doing a hike [...]

17 Jul, 2017

7 steps for finding a fitness routine that works for you

Recently I was browsing the health and fitness corners of the interwebs for some articles to feature in last week’s Fitness Friday roundup. One article in particular caught my eye: “How to make running suck less”. At first, I thought to myself “I know some of my readers want to love running but are having a [...]

14 Jul, 2017

Fitness Friday 300: The 300-Rep Total Body Workout

GUYS. THREE. HUNDRED. Three hundred! I can't quite believe there have been 300 Fitness Friday posts... that makes me an ooooooooooolllllld blogger. What's even more interesting to me is how much my own fitness regimen has evolved since I started Eat Spin Run Repeat in 2010. Back then I was running cross country in university, [...]

30 Jun, 2017

Fitness Friday 299: The Lower Body Blitz Barbell Workout

Happy Friiiiiday! Wow, it feels like it's been weeks since I've said that. Oh wait - it has. Guys, this whole blogging 2 times per week goal of mine for June has been great because it's allowed me to do so many things I've been wanting to do, but I definitely miss you! I'll talk [...]

9 Jun, 2017

Fitness Friday 298: The 9 to 5 Grind Metcon Workout

Hello hello! How the heck has your week been? Ready for a breather? If the weather serves us Vancouverites well this weekend, I'll be hitting the trails for some mountain air and hiking action with some of my best girlfriends. We were really hoping the Grouse Grind would be open by now, but if you [...]

2 Jun, 2017

Fitness Friday 297: The Go Hard or Go Home Metcon Workout

Oh helloooo there weekend! Well maybe not quite, but in a few hours it'll be here and adventures can begin! Did you have a good week? Mine was sort of all over the place, and in no particular order, here's 3 bits of randomocity that took place: 3 out of 3 summer dresses I ordered online (and [...]

26 May, 2017

Fitness Friday 296: The 1-2-3 Switch Circuit Workout

Happy weekend, once again! This has been a lovely short week and while I'm excited it's Friday, I'm even more excited about tomorrow. One of my closest friends from university is flying out here for a work-related conference, so tomorrow I'm playing tour guide and taking her on a Vancouver adventure. I used to practically live [...]

19 May, 2017

Fitness Friday 295: The 10 Minutes of Fire AMRAP Workout

Happy Fridayyyyy! And happy long weekend to my Canadian friends. Anyone else feel like their brain is in long weekend mode already? There's meant to be tons of sun shining over Vancouver and that means you'll probably find me at the beach, on the sea wall, or up a mountain for the next couple of [...]

5 May, 2017

Fitness Friday 293: The Knockout Total Body Workout

TGIF, my friends! How was your week? I'm in an extra good mood this morning for multiple reasons: My DIY-manicure lasted 5 DAYS without chipping, and it wasn't shellac either. Side note: Does anyone else find that shellac dries out the skin around your nails? This happened on my most recent mani and I'm trying to figure out [...]

28 Apr, 2017

Fitness Friday 292: The Quickie Gunshow Workout

Hellooooooo Friday! We've made it once again, my friends. How was your week? After last weekend being one heck of a whirlwind, I'm ridiculously excited to fill the next couple of days with some fun and self-care. I've got some Crossfit lined up, a few sweat dates, a bit of playtime in the kitchen, a [...]