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13 Jan, 2017

Fitness Friday 277: The Bangin’ Upper Body Workout

Hello hello! How has your week been? I'm feeling especially grateful for the weekend today because on my agenda is a yoga class, coffee date, and a gym session that I can't wait to crush! I'm also preparing to send out my brand spankin' new newsletter which is something that keeps getting de-prioritized due to [...]

6 Jan, 2017

Fitness Friday 276: The Bike HIIT Combo Workout

Hey Friends! Whew. We made it through the first week of work post-holidays. Was it as big of a shock to the system for you as it was for me? I arrived home on Tuesday night wondering if I might fall asleep at the dinner table, just like I did once upon a time as [...]

30 Dec, 2016

Fitness Friday 275: The New Year’s Countdown Workout

Hi friends! Welcome to the last Fitness Friday of the month, and of the year! Before we get to that, have you had a good holiday? Are you feeling refreshed? Perhaps in need of a weekend to recover from the festivities? ? I'm back to work today after a nice little break, and my mum who was [...]

16 Dec, 2016

Fitness Friday 274: The At-Home Triple HIIT Workout

Hi Friends! Has it occurred to anyone else that this time next Saturday it'll be Christmas Eve? WHAT?! December is flying and I can't believe we're on the 1-week countdown to Christmas. We just had our staff holiday Christmas party last night which was SO much fun, but as someone who typically has an early bedtime, [...]

9 Dec, 2016

Fitness Friday 273: The Holiday Hustle Leg Workout

Hi friends! How are we doing today? What's happening this weekend? Over here, I'm getting ready to do one of my final assignments for my Culinary Nutrition Expert certification, which is a cooking demo for a few of my friends. I've got 6 recipes to make for them, so there is lots of time spent [...]

2 Dec, 2016

Fitness Friday 272: The Work the Circuit Workout

Hello there! How was your week? I hope it was fantastic, and that the weekend holds all sorts of fun things for you too. I'm excited about it for several reasons, including a facial, a Christmas shopping date with a friend, a TRX sweat date with another friend, and some recipe creation. Now if only [...]

25 Nov, 2016

Fitness Friday 271: The Cardio to Core Circuit Workout

Happy Black Friday! Is anyone planning to spend the day hunting down sales and getting your Christmas shopping done? This is the first Black Friday I've spent on the retailer side of the fence, and it's definitely an interesting perspective! I have a few things on my list to shop for this weekend but the majority will [...]

18 Nov, 2016

Fitness Friday 270: The All Fired Up Core Workout

Fridayyyyyy! After what has got to be one of the rainiest, darkest weeks I've experienced so far in Vancouver, this girl is SO ready for the weekend. Do you have any fun plans? Mine include an IKEA trip, a little Christmas shopping and a granola bar baking session with one of my friends. I'm also [...]

11 Nov, 2016

Fitness Friday 269: The Sweat for 6 Circuit Workout

FriiiiiiiiiiiiiiYAY! It's a long weekend here in BC, and I'm feeling especially grateful for it today. It's been quite the week, hasn't it? As I'm sure is the case for most of us, it feels like everything in social media feeds over the past couple of days has been political in nature. I'm very much [...]

4 Nov, 2016

Fitness Friday 268: The 4x4x4 Kettlebell Workout

Phew. Hello Friday, am I ever glad to see you. I was walking out of work with one of my coworkers the other day and with a loud sigh, said "wow, what a week". As the words left my mouth, I had the sad realization that it was in fact only Tuesday, and that we still had [...]

28 Oct, 2016

Fitness Friday 267: The Flip It Bike Interval Workout

Happy FriYAY! I hope you've had an amazing week. It's been a long one full of a LOT of work for me, but it's also very satisfying to have managed to get so much done. Right now I'm looking forward to a truly restorative weekend of catching up with some friends who I haven't seen in far [...]

21 Oct, 2016

Fitness Friday 266: The Dynamite Duo Leg Workout

Hello hello! Before I get into today's workout, I NEED to share a video with you that one of my former marketing profs/long-time readers/friends tagged me in earlier this week. The video was produced by Fitness First Australia and takes a look at an experiment involving 6 people: 3 were regularly exercising and told to stop, [...]

14 Oct, 2016

Fitness Friday 265: The Sweet Sweat Circuit Workout

FRIDAY! Fitness Friday, in fact. Yes, in addition to the blog getting a facelift, I've switched up the name of this weekly feature. There are a two reasons behind the update: When Fit Bit Fridays first started, I had no idea what a Fitbit (as in the fitness tracker) was I've never owned one and to [...]

7 Oct, 2016

Fit Bit Friday 264: The Bodyweight Cardio Workout

Oh hiiiii Friday, and Happy Thanksgiving long weekend to my fellow Canadian readers! I hope you've got some delicious feasting and giving thanks planned for the next couple of days, and perhaps some fall festivities too. There's a very large amount of squash, Brussels sprouts, beets and carrots sitting in my fridge right now and I [...]