The phrase “are you ready to make the next year your best ever” has been used many times with strong ambition and great intentions. Perhaps you’ve planned to make many of your previous years the best ever, but they didn’t quite turn out that way. Or maybe this year, you really do mean it. Maybe this year is going to be the one that truly IS your best yet.

Do you like the sounds of that? I certainly do!

The Gorgeous Guide to Goal Conquering 2016

To do big things, you need a plan. To achieve the seemingly unachievable, you need to put in the work. I want to make it all a big easier for you with the brand new shiny Gorgeous Guide to Goal Conquering 2016

New to Eat Spin Run Repeat? If so, you might be wondering “What is this guide she speaks of? Why should I be so excited?”

Here’s why: I’m a massive fan of goal setting and make a point of doing it regularly – at the beginning of each year with a vision board, and at the beginning of each month. I could geek out for hours on goal setting strategies, accountability and motivational strategies, and fill journal after journal with my plans for making them happen. But I don’t want to keep all that to myself because inspiration is even more powerful when it reaches as many people as possible. That’s exactly what I hope to do with this guide.

"Do it with passion or not at all." The Gorgeous Guide to Goal Conquering 2016 - Eat Spin Run Repeat

Within its 45 pages, you’ll read about how to set goals that truly make you feel fulfilled, as well as my system for turning your deepest desires into a reality. But before you go making lists of all your 2016 aspirations, there are some exercises to do that will help you to identify your values. This is a really important step. Your values are kind of like your north star, and knowing what those are will make the process of setting goals that truly mean something to you much easier and way more effective.

For some of you, these goals will probably include some health and fitness-related achievements. Mine certainly do because I like to challenge myself to something new every year. But we’ll also talk about the other life buckets – things like spirituality, family, relationships, and your career.

The Gorgeous Guide to Goal Conquering 2016

Inside you’ll find:

  • A little note from me
  • Information on why we should bother setting goals in the first place, and how to ensure that you follow through
  • Journal exercises to help you identify what you’re most passionate about
  • Questions to reflect on that will help you determine the ‘life buckets’ you need to set goals for
  • Tips on how to stay accountable
  • Printable templates to help you track your progress

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The Gorgeous Guide to Goal Conquering 2016

This is the third anniversary of the Gorgeous Guide, and I’m super excited about this particular edition because, if I may say so myself, it’s the most gorgeous one yet! I hope you’ll join me and let those ambitious, creative juices of determination flow by grabbing a guide for yourself.

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